You know a little about Hosted Virtual Desktops. Or maybe you know a lot. But one thing is certain – they’re becoming a seriously hot topic in today’s world. Let’s clear some misconceptions to help you decipher between what is factual and what is pure vapor.

Misconception #1 – You do not save money in the cloud.

Actually, one of the main drivers for implementing hosted virtual desktops is cost savings. It’s important to note the difference between hosted virtual desktops (HVD) and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). VDI is when a company wants to virtualize their infrastructure in a private cloud setting. They still buy the servers and storage and manage the infrastructure themselves. HVD is a simple pay-as-you-go subscription model where you make no capex investment. HVD is cheaper than traditional thick client deployment, due to higher infrastructure and storage costs on the backend coupled with incredibly high IT services costs.

Misconception #2 – Implementing the cloud is complicated and time consuming.

A common misconception among IT folks is that desktop virtualization implementation is complex and involves a lot of management. Quite the contrary actually – just ask the law firm we got up and running in 3 days! First, it’s important to note that not all cloud services vendors are created equally. If you work with a cloud services provider like dinCloud you will not have to worry about license management, end-to-end security, reporting and analytics, patch management, etc. as we are an end-to-end solution. HVDs can simplify your existing infrastructure and management paradigm.

Misconception #3 – One size fits all.

One of the first things you should do is analyze your users. Are they on the road all the time? Are they working late from home? Perhaps a combination of the two in different departments? It’s imperative that you evaluate your users’ work styles to figure out precisely which ones are a good fit for HVD. dinCloud can help you perform an assessment on your existing user base and provide reports to help analyze an HVD deployment. More importantly, dinCloud can give your users anywhere, anytime access.

Misconception #4 – License management is no different in the cloud.

Most small to midsize organizations look over licensing. I reference again that not all cloud vendors are created equal. In the complicated world of licensing, dinCloud can help you navigate the rough waters of licensing by giving you access to our team of experts. I’ve seen organizations time and again make this mistake and, quite literally, pay the price. For example, you need a VDA license to have a HVD solution on top of any Windows OS license you may have.

Misconception #5 – End user experience is worse in the cloud.

I challenge anyone who says this to do a side-by-side comparison with dinCloud HVD and a physical PC. Does your physical PC never crash? Your Internet Explorer never freezes? Or your OS never blue screen? The cloud is not some magical solution that can solve all your problems, but it certainly can solve most of them. Speaking from personal experience, my end user experience has been phenomenal and I’m addicted to my HVD.

Stay mobile my friends.

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