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The workplace is evolving yet again in a big way, within a span of under two years. This time around, the transition is from a Work from Home (WFH) model towards a more hybrid work model. When doing so, enterprises are also factoring in similar disruptions in the future.

Why Cloud Hosted VDI is the Future of Workplaces?

As enterprises and employees have enjoyed remarkable results with reliable remote work platforms like Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, it comes as little surprise that remote work will still continue to remain a mainstream work trend.

International Data Corporation (IDC) recently conducted a study, in which it was expected that by the year 2024, nearly 60% of the total workforce across USA would go mobile. The pandemic has merely accelerated this workforce trend that was already in progress.

Going forward, many enterprises want to adopt a hybrid model for their employees. IDC’s study further observed that an overwhelming 87% of the surveyed organizations wanted their employees to work remotely for at least three days in a work week.

Flexible Workspaces – The Way Forward

According to PwC US Remote Work Survey, which was conducted in January of 2021, 70% of US executives were planning to invest in their IT infrastructures with the main objective of achieving flexible workspaces for their employees.

Slowly but surely, we are evolving from a Work from Home (WFH) model towards a Work from Anywhere (WFX) environment. To achieve this goal in true spirit, enterprises will need flexible platforms in the form of Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktop solutions like dinHVD.

Here are a few reasons that make Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktop solutions the way forward for enterprises.

Centralized Security and Management

When your remote employees access enterprise data and resources from a variety of locations as well as endpoint devices, security becomes a challenge. With cloud VDI though, this issue is overcome via centralized security and management.

In the case of cloud VDI, all your data is stored within secure data centers of the VDI provider like dinCloud. This data is protected with multi-layered security. Moreover, no data resides over individual devices of your remote employees in this case.

You can manage your entire cloud VDI environment centrally. In the case of dinCloud, a premier provider of cloud VDI solutions, we have dinManage. This portal enables you to manage the entire deployment from a single and intuitive user interface.

Higher Productivity and Seamless User Experience

In a cloud VDI environment such as dinWorkspaces, the productivity of your employees is not restricted by factors such as where they are operating from. They will have seamless access to enterprise resources that are hosted over our cloud infrastructure.

Remote employees that are managing processing intensive workloads tend to experience the issue of latency. At dinCloud, you can equip our Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops with ultra powerful Nvidia GPUs, for architectural or other graphics intensive workloads.

Robust and Scalable Architecture

To support a workforce that is either largely or fully working remotely, you will need a robust architecture at the back. Leading cloud VDI providers like dinCloud have a state of the art infrastructure, which is constantly being optimized and upgraded as per needs.

The other area where a cloud VDI solution clearly stands out is ease of scalability. As, when and however your workforce needs change, you can scale your cloud VDI solution up or down on the fly, which is very difficult in the case of legacy, on premise infrastructures.


The Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solutions being offered by dinCloud prepare your enterprise for the workplaces of the future, which will be characterized by a Work from Anywhere (WFX) capability.

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