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When it comes to hosted desktops, you have a number of options to choose from.  Within the dinCloud portfolio alone, your organization can leverage  dinHVD or dinDaaS, depending on your solution requirements. Many have asked what the differences are between the two Desktop as a Service (DaaS) products. In this article, the solutions are differentiated so you can identify which hosted desktop is right for your organization.

Which Hosted Desktop is Right for Your Organization

Differences between dinHVD and dinDaaS

dinCloud is the #1 brand in hosted workspaces with its widely adopted desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) offering. dinCloud DaaS products – including both dinHVD and dinDaaS – are high performing, easy to deploy and maintain, and most importantly, secure. Both dinHVD and dinDaaS are compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems. Additionally, both systems offer flash support, audio support, network printing/scanning.

While both dinHVD and dinDaaS deliver secure access to applications and data, via dinCloud’s virtual private data center center infrastructure, there are some differences in how these solutions are deployed and accessed.

dinHVD requires a small one-time client install, and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) set up is required. Meanwhile, dinDaaS has built-in remote access facility, and can be accessed through any Google Chrome browser.

dinDaaS is a html5 client that can be launched in a Chrome browser like Google Docs or other Google apps. While dinDaaS offers near-instantaneous deployment, it does not currently offer multi-monitor support and local USB support is limited. However, it offers improved flash and audio support over what is offered from dinHVD. Local USB printing options are somewhat limited with dinDaaS; currently, only Google Cloud Print is supported.

There are specific use cases for both dinHVD and dinDaaS. Which desktop you choose should depend on how you plan to use hosted desktops within your organization.

Why Choose dinHVD

dinHVD is a robust virtual desktop offering that can support heavy application use and larger workloads. dinHVD is ideal for power-DaaS users; for example, organizations who use hosted virtual desktops as a primary access point for their data and applications.

Why Choose dinDaaS

dinDaaS offers quick and easy deployment. With dinDaaS, deployment and provisioning are fully automated with full user control to assign/unassign/reassign as needed to other users. While dinDaaS delivers the full hosted virtual desktop experience, dinHVD would better accommodate organizations that require multi-monitor support or local USB device access. If quick deployment, flash/audio support, or ease-of-access are key drivers for your DaaS deployment, then dinDaaS is the ideal solution for you.

For additional information and resources for your DaaS deployment, see our dinHVD and dinDaaS pages.