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What is one of the most commonly cited benefits of the cloud? It’s one that you can’t take as a given, varying significantly from one provider to the next.

Cost savings have lured companies to move to the cloud because they think it will help avoid capital expenditure with an OPEX costing model. While companies can achieve cost savings in the cloud, prepping for a move to the cloud should be discerning when selecting a cloud provider. Some of the big guys have a sizeable amount of limitations that companies should pay attention and consider alternatives to.

What Should you Expect on your Monthly Cloud Bill - dinCloud

Limitations of Big Cloud Service Providers

Some of the big cloud service providers have started charging by the minute or hour–counteracting any cost savings achieved by migrating.

The bigger players in the cloud services industry charge for each gigabyte of storage consumed, and every computing instance involved. This is counterintuitive to cutting costs because companies would be paying each time they access their data. A cloud bill is monthly, and companies may end up overpaying for their cloud consumption.

As an example, a company creating a new product needs to test multiple instances in order to revise and finalize its product. When old instances aren’t manually deleted, the company ends up facing a bill for using more resources than necessary to complete the project. To deal with situations like this, companies generally assign an IT manager to review the big cloud provider’s detailed billing reports, look through accounts, and analyze their cloud budgets. Why deal with the hassle of surprises on your cloud bill when there’s an easier and lower cost way?

Consider the Alternative

dinCloud’s flat-rate monthly subscription ensures that you have no surprises on your monthly cloud bill. Transparency is important so you know exactly what you’re paying for. Why choose a cloud service provider that charges by the gigabyte or the hour when you can leverage as robust of an infrastructure at a flat-rate monthly price?

Get the costs savings that initially attracted you to the cloud, without the hidden costs or transfer fees. Scale your company and run your business more efficiently with peace of mind that there will be no surprises on your cloud bill.

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