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What is Telecommuting?

Telecommuting simply means working from a remote location, which can be anywhere outside of a centralized organizational work place. The major benefits of telecommuting are in-house facility costs, expansion, and talent acquisition. Companies save big dollars on construction, leases and property taxes, since they may no longer need to build or rent larger offices or parking lots when they expand. Moreover, they can attract employees from a larger geography and retain top talent who—for whatever reason—can’t travel to the office every day.

Telecommuting is definitely nothing new. But the way people are telecommuting and the IT processes that support them are constantly changing.

Why Cloud for Remote Employees?

As cloud computing and mobile technology continues to mature, more employers and employees are enjoying the benefits of telecommuting.  The days of IT departments setting up VPNs so people could work from home are thankfully over. With solutions like Hosted Virtual Desktops, remote employees can now access all their files and applications from anywhere, anytime, using any device.

Cloud computing helps organizations meet their business continuity and disaster recovery needs, and supports remote employees by providing them with a secure way to access corporate data even if the corporate headquarters is affected by a manmade or natural disaster.

The traditional way of providing remote access to these employees increased the complexity and security issues. Many a sleepless night was had by IT administrators cringing that some remote user would spread a worm or Trojan through the entire organization. However, with cloud hosted desktops organizations can provide secure remote access to their remote employees, and virus out breaks is no longer a headache in hosted desktop environment.

Cloud technology has the capability of complete and full-time monitoring of remote employees activity. This ensures employers that they are operating at peak productivity – even if remote employees reside hundreds of miles away from the office.

Many organizations are already implementing or expanding cloud solutions, an ideal technology to support telecommuting efforts. If you are considering any cloud solution for your remote workforce, feel free to ask our experts to see which cloud solution makes sense as part of your IT strategy.

Article by Ali L., Digital Marketing Specialist, dinCloud.