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More and more employees are choosing where they want to work, rather than being assigned a standard workplace location. Specifically, a recent survey conducted by Intelligent Office found that 70% of the employees surveyed work from alternate locations on a regular basis. The study was based on surveys of nearly 1,100 employees and found that more than 50% of employees in California, Texas and Colorado are regularly working outside of their home and traditional office. No longer confined to their office, more than half of those surveyed are working in three or more places. These employees are demanding having access to their workstations from any device, anywhere at anytime. This enables them to be more productive. This is an IT department’s worst nightmare: an uncontrollable amount of consumer devices being used to access private, sensitive data and business critical applications over a public network. This creates significant security risks for IT departments and companies.

With dinCloud’s hosted virtual desktop technology, companies can now enable their workforce to be much more productive while working from mobile locations. And most importantly, do it securely. The hosted virtual desktop is sitting in a virtual private datacenter, with dedicated virtual firewalls, with data encryption, anti-virus software running on it 24×7 and the entire infrastructure sitting behind a physical security layer good enough to host a root DNS server for the internet. So, it’s time as an IT department to say “yes” more often to the workforce, play a strategic role in the organization by enabling productivity, and embrace the new mobile workforce.

dinCloud can help with its #1 rated hosted virtual desktop and additional “IaaS” solutions.

For more information on our Desktop as a Service, please visit our Hosted Virtual Desktop page or request information to speak with a cloud specialist.