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The concept of remote work is not new to us. However, the scale at which we are currently witnessing remote work is simply unprecedented. Over the past few months, there has been a paradigm shift in the way processes and workloads are being managed.

In the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, most business leaders and their IT advisors concurred that remote work will be a short lived phase and things would soon get back to normal. The situation on ground has been totally different though.

Over the past few months, remote work has transitioned from a “once in a blue moon” activity to a mainstream trend. Recent tech related polls have revealed that most organizations want to even make it a permanent feature moving forward.

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A Transition from On Premise to Remote

In the first phase of coping with this global crisis, organizations were faced with a tough decision whether to ramp up on premise hardware, or go for third party solutions to save the administrative hassle.

While the initial answer to such questions would have been most likely in favor of on premise solutions, this option was not administratively feasible in most cases. With the pandemic in full swing across the globe, organizations were facing serious odds.

Global supply chains were disrupted, with no immediate solution in sight. In these circumstances, getting your hands on the hardware you need for your in house deployments was ruled out in most cases.

Buying or procuring the in house hardware was not of much use, unless you also had the in house human capital to pull this off. So, the solution came in the form of Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud.

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Transition of Remote Work to the Cloud

Due to the limitations inherent in most on premise solutions, the answer to this challenge came in the form of cloud solutions. Over the past few months, the cloud has been at the forefront of providing remote readiness to thousands of enterprises and users.

Unlike on premise, legacy IT infrastructures that need constant maintenance and upgrading, Cloud Hosted Solutions are the perfect answer to a long term remote work strategy.

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Desktop as a Service – DaaS

In the circumstances brought about by this pandemic, Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops (HVD) form the foundational building block of a remote work strategy that’s meant for the long haul. Here are a few reasons to support this notion.

  • DaaS provides instant remote readiness to your employees working from home (WFH) or other remote locations.
  • In case of DaaS, a specialized Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like dinCloud provides the requisite hardware, technology stack and base infrastructure.
  • DaaS enables your employees to access enterprise data and other productivity resources remotely.
  • In a DaaS driven remote work strategy, employees have the freedom to connect to HVDs thru a wide range of endpoint devices.
  • With DaaS, remote employees are even free to use their own devices. This is a helpful form of BYOD, as it surely reduces the IT and admin overheads of businesses.
  • In today’s hostile cyber security environment, DaaS provides a multi layered security that’s built into the service.
  • Leading DaaS providers like dinCloud offer Disaster Recovery (DR) and a robust Business Continuity (BC) plan as part of the service, further reducing your IT overheads.
  • DaaS provides you instant scalability, without refactoring your on premise IT hardware. This can be very helpful in the present conditions that are marred with uncertainty.
  • With DaaS, on boarding new remote employees consumes way less time and resources. Here’s the great part, you pay only for the resources you use.
  • DaaS providers like dinCloud offer you a wide range of HVD solutions / packages. This enables you to choose the most optimal one for your needs.
  • With DaaS, your costs are highly predictable. dinCloud offers its DaaS solution, dinHVD, at a flat rate monthly subscription model.

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Based on the above factors, and a few others, we can conclude that DaaS is the most suited platform for resurrecting a long term remote work strategy. Whether you gauge it with regards to costs, reliability, security or flexibility, DaaS ticks all the right boxes.