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How ridiculous can this get?

They’re Charging You by the WHAT! - Flat Rate Pricing - dinCloud

If you are using a cloud provider that charges by ridiculous measures – you probably have been furious after looking at your invoice more than a couple times. But aside from hearing it from the CFO on unpredictable and gyrating bills – what can you really do about it?

Doesn’t everybody charge by crazy variables?

I recently came upon an article that mentioned how one of the public, legacy (old) data center providers is trying to compete with the behemoths in the industry. Their service tiers charge by the GB. Oh, and by the hour on top of that too!

By the GB? Seriously?

When is the last time the CEO or the CIO measured business performance based on how much data is being transferred back and forth?

And when is the last time you had tools in place to monitor and manage data going back and forth? You probably do now – just so you can have an inkling of how much your bill is going to be.

Well, the confusion doesn’t end there – there are also minimums at various service level tiers. And then at a certain point, it is no longer a minimum, it becomes an AND. A base charge per month AND charging by the hour, by the GB.

AND By the HOUR ?

Who runs their business by the hour? Who has TIME to track and adjust by the hour? These charges are so confusing – I am just baffled at who came up with these. Of course, if they are confusing, you have no way to properly assess how much you are going to pay. And you will never know how much your bill is going to be every month.

There are tools out there that will automatically switch workloads and make adjustments by the hour. But for an individual IT administrator to get their arms around all this is quite daunting – on top of the basic need of keep systems functioning properly. Public companies and others already are having to cater to quarterly performance. The last thing a business needs is to now have to make adjustments by the hour, just to manage the costs of their IT infrastructure.

And that is exactly why these companies bank on the fact that you may be intrigued by hourly savings – but you won’t have time to do it – so their will make even more money because your systems need to be running 24/7.

Flat-Rate Pricing

Many of the big, public cloud providers run by the hour. But there isn’t transparency in the invoices and there certainly isn’t transparency in their calculations. Why be told how to run your infrastructure, pay gyrating monthly bills, and be treated just like another account number?

When you choose a cloud service provider that offers flat rate pricing, you escape from all these excruciatingly frustrating issues. You run the infrastructure the way you want with full control, you have predictable and stable monthly invoices, and your business is highly valued.

Well, it just so happens that we are a flat rate cloud service provider. But the transparency doesn’t stop there. As our logo indicates, you control the cloud, and we make sure it has layers of security. Browse around and learn more about what we offer and why you should make the switch to dinCloud.

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