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The 9-5 today is nothing like it was a few years ago; so much so, that your 9-5 is likely not a 9-5 anymore. Mobility and cloud have changed the way that we work. Specifically, when and where we work. Now that cloud technology has made data and applications more accessible, productivity is not confined to the four walls of an office anymore.

Cloud Security Concerns

Along with remote access came security concerns. The benefit of granting anytime, anywhere access to employees is undeniable. But when cloud technology was first introduced, many considered security a trade-off.

The Evolution of Workspace

Cloud’s heritage is with a large national VAR. As cloud technology started to emerge, many security-minded organizations were reluctant to migrate because of the potential for security vulnerability. There was a clear need for a secure cloud platform. So, we spun off with the mission to create an inherently secure cloud computing platform. We put our money (and time) where our mouth is, spending years developing our infrastructure. We developed multiple layers of security before we introduced our first cloud service: dinHVD, a secure Desktop as a Service.

The response was immediate. We introduced our DaaS to companies in various industries: finance, healthcare, education, and many others. By putting our technology to use, these companies were able to streamline business transitions like a merger or acquisition, allow their users to “BYOD,” and cut down on the time it takes to onboard a new employee. They cited benefits like reduced costs, better productivity, and most importantly, enhanced security.

dinDaaS: a Clientless Desktop as a Service

While we saw companies consistently benefit, the way that these companies used DaaS was not necessarily the same. For companies looking to avoid VDI set-up or a client install,   we introduced an alternative deployment model with dinDaaS. Our DaaS is a “clientless” HTML service that allows users to access their data and applications – and an entire digital workstation – through Google Chrome. True to our heritage, dinDaaS offers secure access via our tier 3+ data center infrastructure.

Today, dinDaaS (and its counterpart HVD) are central to any hosted workspace. It allows users to access their workspace remotely – any time, anywhere, keeping us more productive and agile between 9 to 5 and beyond.

For additional information on our dinDaaS offering, visit our dinDaaS overview page, or contact us today.