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In the technology sector, Gartner enjoys a lot of weight, and for all the good reasons. The research company has really helped organizations of all sizes in adapting their IT infrastructures to emerging digital workplace trends.

In this post, we will briefly discuss the “ingredients” for creating the perfect digital workplace. The aim is to align employee experiences with organizational goals and achieve exceptional results during the whole process.

Here are a few crucial elements of building an effective, and technology-powered digital workplace:-

How to “Cook” the Perfect Digital Workplace – Gartner’s Insight

Needs Assessment

A technology solution may be really good, but if adopted via a siloed approach, will never be able to resonate with the workforce. Instead, there needs to be an objective assessment of the needs of the workforce, and employees need to have a lot of say in all this.

Catalyze Change

Resistance to change is nothing new and hinders the adoption of innovative solutions. One way of mitigating any resistance to change is to catalyze the whole process of adopting new, innovative technology solutions. Prolonged implementation timelines lead nowhere.

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Broad-Based Support

Why should only the IT personnel have all the say in adopting digitalization solutions and technologies? Digital workplace transformation needs to be an all-encompassing exercise, where every department is free to list down what it needs for higher efficiency.

Best in Class Solutions

It may be enticing to select a cost-efficient solution, despite knowing that it is not a good fit for the organization. This will result in cost and time overruns, down the road, as such solutions will not be able to make the lives of employees any easier.

Cultural Re-alignment

Enterprises that want to digitize their workplaces rapidly need to instil a major re-alignment of the organizational culture. Research has shown that any such changes yield the best results when they flow from top to bottom, starting from the senior executives.

Effective Communication

Digital workplace tools may be very promising, and beneficial for the workforce. However, it is really important to get this message across to all tiers of the organization. This will only be possible by communicating the imminent benefits of such tools, in layman’s terms.

No-Looking Back Mindset

The workforce will adopt new digital workplace solutions half-heartedly if they get the slightest idea that any particular tool or solution is for a “short stint”, and a “we’ll see if it works” mindset. Instead, a “no-looking back” approach will be much more beneficial.


A digitally sound and enabled workplace is a top business priority. If enterprises want to remain competitive and relevant in today’s day and age, they need a sound digital workplace foundation to build upon.

Some of the major binding elements of an effective digital workplace are Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD), Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) tools, and seamless access to all the necessary products as well as workflow tools.

The exact “ingredients” and “recipe” that an organization adopts for its digital workplace will depend on the size, industry, regulatory as well as competitive landscape, and a host of other factors.

Notwithstanding the minor details, it is vital that every enterprise sits back, re-evaluates its digital workplace status, identifies the gaps, and plugs them with the help of leading digital workplace solutions providers like dinCloud, an ATSG company.