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If you are a MSP (managed services provider) in the IT industry, you know subscription models, and you are well versed in cloud. Customers are moving to the cloud at an accelerated pace. Pick a cloud service provider (CSP) that serves up the entire IT stack – apps, desktops, servers, storage, and D/R. When you think cloud, think dinCloud.

A few notable links for MSPs:

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MSPs Thinking Cloud Should Think dinCloud

MSPs Play a Major role at dinCloud

MSPs help power our cloud services. dinCloud provides the cloud infrastructure and MSPs work with their customers to do assessments, on-premise design and deployments, migrations, and on-going support.

We offer a diverse range of cloud services, including hosted virtual servers, desktops, and storage. Some of the services we have that not everyone knows about is our public, colo, private and hybrid offerings. To learn more about each of the services that we provide, read this blog.

Some Services We Offer You Might Not Know About

Check out dinCloud for augmenting your managed services practice. Visit the Become a Partner page.