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I don’t know of any other Cloud in the world that offers all this and more.  With 40+ differentiators, it’s not likely our competitors will catch up anytime soon.  Explore your options within the world of dinCloud!    I’ve included a picture which includes all the scenarios we’re about to explain in detail as to what’s possible at dinCloud:

dincloud diagram

Public Cloud

When you buy your first virtual server or hosted virtual desktop (“HVD”), a virtual private datacenter (“VPC”) is spun up around this first resource automatically.  A dinCloud VPC is isolated at layer2 using VLANs, isolated again at layer3 using VRFs, then a unique non-shared virtual Vyatta firewall is spun up per customer to front end all this with 1 x outside interface to the Internet and 1 x inside interface to a private subnetwork you define (this may be from public IP’s registered to your company by or any RFC1918 IP space –,,  Because of this isolation, we’re one of the few clouds in the world where you can pick your own addressing.   Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t deploy multi-tenant firewalls as this is a key security component that must remain unique to each customer and that’s why there’s some much design flexibility at dinCloud to do what you want to do.

Adding networks, P2P VPN, MPLS

Additional interfaces including for private MPLS, other subnetworks you choose to define, a P2P VPN etc. may be added.   All of this (except MPLS) may be done via your dinManage user portal under the “MySecurity” tab.   MPLS is done in coordination with your sales account executive and dinCloud Technical Assistance Center (“TAC”) personnel who will work with you and your carrier of choice or can obtain a quote from 15+ carriers we work with to get this done.  MPLS is terrific as it is a private connection offering full quality of service (“Qos”) full mesh to all your sites, giving them a “direct shot” to the Cloud at speeds from 1.5 megabits per second to 10 gigabits per second!

Remote Access VPN using Cisco ASAv + AnyConnect

With a request to and for $95/month, we can now spin up a fully licensed Cisco’s new ASA virtual firewall, the ASAv so that you may enjoy the many features of Cisco AnyConnect which is a standard VPN client that works across all platforms such as Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, iPhone/iPAD, Android etc.    Typical deployment for this involves buying a public IP, 1:1 NAT on your existing Vyatta virtual firewall to a single interface on the Cisco ASAv as a “firewall on a stick” which has an inside IP on the same segment as your virtual infrastructure (or a separate subnetwork if you wish) with a range of inside IP’s that gets assigned to the remote access vpn user so they appear to be local to the virtual infrastructure next to them.   We tie this to your Microsoft Active Directory so that you can define a group to which remote access VPN users must belong (i.e. “Cisco-VPN-Users”) at which point they may use their existing AD credential to login.  Easy!


Sometimes you just can’t virtualize everything to the Cloud, but you don’t want it in your building!  Our datacenters are SSAE16 compliant and state of the art.   And unlike your competitors who have much to hide, dinCloud gives tours (ask your sales account executive for details).

You can rent 1u of space (power, space, cooling, Internet) for as little as $100/month with NO COMMITMENT.   You can rent entire racks, or at 5 racks or more we can supply you with a private cage for as little as a 12 month commitment.   Cross connects (1g-10g) to dinCloud within the same datacenter are only $150/month.

With 110 datacenters to choose from worldwide, dinCloud is the optimal place to get what you need!

Private Cloud

If you want to bring your own licensing (“BYOL”) OR use Microsoft Office 365 products from your dinCloud hosted virtual desktop (“HVD”) then dedicated infrastructure is required by Microsoft.  Our licensing agents do >$500M a year in licensing so rest assured you will always be compliant working with us to meet your licensing needs with Microsoft and thousands of other software publishers.   In fact, dinCloud pioneered many of the monthly rental licensing that exists in Cloud today with the industry’s biggest names in software!

We meet the above requirement in few ways:

  1. In Public Cloud we charge a “dedicated hypervisor” fee which meets these requirements
  2. We offer Private Cloud; read on.

Private Cloud is a combination of our colocation + rental of physical hardware.  This is typically a server with 2-4 physical CPU’s utilizing 16-18 cores per CPU and 12-24 hard disks (SSD, SAS, SATA) for local storage OR any number (min qty 2) 24 disk node(s) to which we extend our object oriented storage platforms to you.

This gives you blazing fast performance, fully isolated environment, a myriad of new licensing options, as well as the ability to run your own environment down to the hypervisor of your choice (vmware, hyper-v, KVM etc.).

With freedom comes responsibility: Leverage a support package from any # of dinCloud MSP’s, VARs, etc. or do-it-yourself.  dinCloud does not directly support private Cloud environments other than to replace bad hardware.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud is merely interconnecting any of these offerings together:

  • Public Cloud (full dinCloud support),
  • Colo  (dinCloud smart hands) or
  • Private Cloud (do-it-yourself)

Not sure what’s right for you?  Contact today to ask.

The choice is yours and it’s nice to have options.

For more information on our Cloud Solutions, please visit our Products page or request information to speak with a cloud specialist.