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We are living in a data driven world. Every second, vast amounts of data is constantly being generated, processed and stored at various locations. In the majority of cases however, the data related to any particular aspect is in consolidated state.

This consolidated or concentrated state of data might be good for processing, but when you look at it from a security standpoint, things take a completely different turn. A large chunk of data, whatever it may relate to, is a prized target for cyber miscreants.

When a cyber criminal gets even the glimpse of a large pile of data, the potential “reward” is too compelling. So, it comes as little surprise that large chunks of data are constantly under cyber threats originating from a wide range of vectors.

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How Distributed Cloud Storage Stands to Transform the Internet and Data?

Distributed Cloud Storage – A Way Forward

Cyber security is just one challenging aspect of keeping large chunks of data consolidated at a single location. This also has a very huge administrative impact, as data is something which is constantly being generated.

No matter how much extra data storage space you may provision during the initial stages of setting up data repositories, the data won’t take long to catch up, and all you are left with is the option of either destroying some of the data, or investing more in hardware.

The solution to this administrative challenge comes in the form of distributed cloud storage. So, instead of storing vast amounts of valuable data within one repository, why not break it down into smaller, yet logical chunks instead.

Once data has been logically broken down, it can then be scattered across the convenient option of cloud storage. This whole concept is known as Distributed Cloud Storage (DCS), and it stands to revolutionize the internet and its usage aspects.

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DCS Elevates the Web Browsing Experience

With distributed cloud storage, the prevalent issue of internet over-crowding will be mitigated to a great extent. The pandemic has also immensely added to the woes of an already strained internet.

Distributed cloud storage stands to end all this, by minimizing the traffic and data that flows over the internet to a bare minimum. This in turn will free up internet bandwidth, a vast but still limited resource for workloads other than just hauling data.

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The Evolution of DCS into Blockchain

Down the line, we expect the concept of distributed cloud storage to morph or evolve into blockchain. Unfortunately, the ground breaking concept of data management via blockchain got overshadowed by crypto currencies and their speculative trading.

The whole idea behind blockchain is to distribute large chunks of data logically into smaller, more manageable chunks, and place them strategically over the cloud for ready access. Then, there will also be the added element of cloud’s security and scalability.

Data which is scattered across the Cloud will be a tough target for cyber criminals to infiltrate, extract and misuse or manipulate. The other great element of blockchain is “logical accountability”, rather than human defined arbitrary parameters.

All the disparate chunks of data over the distributed cloud storage, once pieced together, must add up and lead to a logical conclusion or end. It is for this very reason that distributed cloud storage or blockchain stands to change a lot in how the internet works.


Right now, distributed cloud storage and blockchain are emerging technologies, with immense potential in the very near future. One area where DCS or blockchain will have to cover a lot of ground is their environment friendliness and a smaller carbon footprint.

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