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In the world of IT and tech, the word disaster can have a very different connotation. We generally associate the word disaster with stuff like earthquakes, floods, tornadoes and storms etc. In the tech world, there are more complex challenges than these.

This does not imply that IT operations and infrastructures are completely immune from the above forms of disasters. However, IT infrastructures also have to contend with a lot of other factors that can potentially disrupt mission critical operations and productivity.

How dinCloud Solutions Measure Up With Your DR Needs?

How Do Disasters Impact Businesses?

As the word “disaster” suggests for itself, this is not something businesses like, but disasters and disruptive events are an in-escapable reality of the tech world. Therefore, enterprises need to do their homework beforehand and adopt the right DR platforms.

Technology and IT infrastructure related disasters directly impact your Business Continuity (BC). If caught off guard in any such event, a business risks shutting down its operations, resulting in irreparable financial losses as well as damage to the market reputation.

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How to Adopt a Robust Disaster Recovery (DR) Posture?

Given the potential losses businesses stand to incur in the event of disruptive events, it is always better to plan for such contingencies in advance. A robust Disaster Recovery (DR) posture begins with adopting the right technology for that.

Cloud Powered Disaster Recovery (DR)

Like many other spheres of IT infrastructure and operations (I&O), Cloud Computing has made a mark in the realm of Disaster Recovery (DR) as well. The flexibility, agility and security associated with cloud solutions extends to cloud based DR as well.

Some of the market’s leading Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud offer a robust and all-encompassing cloud based Disaster Recovery (DR) mechanism. You can either avail dinCloud’s DR solutions as a value added service, or a stand alone option as well.

Disaster Recovery (DR) at the Infrastructure Tier

dinCloud provides a robust DR posture at the infrastructure tier through its large footprint of highly advanced Equinix data centers. These data centers come with some of the best physical and cyber security controls, which are independently certified.

As soon as one of our data centers housing your valuable enterprise data and applications faces some disruption, all your mission critical workloads are shifted to one of dinCloud’s nearest and most highly available data centers.

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This failover mechanism provides your workforce and customers with a non-disruptive continuity of core operations. It comes as little surprise that enterprises are rapidly increasing their move towards cloud powered Disaster Recovery (DR).

Employee Endpoint Devices

This is yet another very critical component of a robust Disaster Recovery (DR) posture. Employee endpoint devices, whether company owned or personal, are prone to damage, failure, and even theft.

In the event that one of your employee’s devices with enterprise data on it meets such a fate, you stand to lose a lot as an enterprise. This is another area where the way in which cloud services are primarily structured, delivers a huge advantage to enterprises.

If you engage a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like dinCloud for your Cloud Hosted Desktop needs, none of your valuable enterprise data will be residing on employee endpoint devices. Instead, all this data will be securely stored within one of our data centers.

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Why Choose dinCloud for Your DR Needs?

dinCloud is a leading provider of cloud solutions which are secure, reliable and cost efficient. At dinCloud, we work closely with our enterprise clients in evolving a Disaster Recovery (DR) mechanism that is not only robust, but equally cost efficient as well.

The other major benefit of delegating your Disaster Recovery (DR) to a service provider like dinCloud is that we offer customized DR plans to our valuable users. With dinCloud, you won’t have to invest any further in on-premise hardware, saving you precious dollars.

Contact dinCloud for cloud powered disaster recovery mechanisms that are easily one of the best in the industry.