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According to a study commissioned by Citrix, a total of 58% of the organizations are of the belief that Virtual Desktops are safer as compared to the traditional ones. Organizations, considering IT modernization and willing to undergo Desktop Migration, do have some legitimate concerns regarding its security risks.

However, in-depth research and data can back up the fact that Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is equally, or in some instances, even more secure than the traditional, on-premise data center solutions.

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How DaaS Outperforms VDI on the Security Front

The security concerns of organizations with a traditional mindset can be rectified by providing tons of data and research, as an evidence, that backs-up the fact that Desktop as a Service (DaaS) has higher probability of protection and security of applications and data, as compared to traditional desktops. ESG and IT Central Station’s research suggests that when deployed in the Cloud, Virtual Desktops, like dinCloud Hosted Virtual Desktop (dinHVD), are likely to be more secure and protected.

Desktop as a Service is the future of enterprise IT operations. Organizations that accept this will leave behind the ones that do not adapt to these solutions in the near future.

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Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Security – Forrester’s Prediction

Forrester is a well reputed research entity and their findings have immense weightage. According to Forrester’s TEI study, it was suggested that the risk to company’s data security dropped from 44%, in 2020, to 33% in 2022. This drop, in security risk, can be attributed to the fact that organizations have migrated to Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops.

With Cloud services, like that of dinCloud DaaS Service, one can have an access to the company’s sensitive data, without having to download it on their own devices. Virtual Desktops, like dinCloud Hosted Virtual Desktop (dinHVD), are at a lower risk of interference from third parties. Employee devices are merely used to gain access to the cloud data, and no sensitive data is actually stored on individual employee devices. This improves the overall security and compliance posture.

Forrester also suggests that enterprises can restrict downloading or printing of confidential data by employees and let them do interference free work remotely. This saves them a lot of time and it increases work efficiency as well.

With dinCloud DaaS Services, users can get windows 10 as a fully virtualized desktop experience with one of the latest Windows Operating Systems (OS). dinCloud DaaS Services are flexible and secure, diminishing the logistical and security concerns of the on-premise VDI solutions.

Earlier, hybrid work solutions were gaining steady popularity, but the pandemic acted as a catalyst and virtualizations spread like wildfire, compelling many organizations to shift to Cloud-native solutions like dinCloud Virtual Desktops.

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Cloud Security: ESG’s Opinion

According to a research conducted by ESG, organizations are willing to increase the productivity of their employees by allowing hybrid work models. It has been noted that work productivity is directly proportional to employees’ flexibility to work. Enterprises are willing to invest in devices and applications that would improve digital workplace environments. About 79% of the respondents were of the view that Desktop as a Service (DaaS), such as dinHVD, was better in terms of security as compared to traditional desktop models.

Having said that, enterprises also want to ensure that virtualized environments are safe and secure. dinCloud Virtual Desktop is one such example of an excellent Hosted desktop that provides flexible, versatile, economical and secure solutions to the people who are working from their homes (WFH).

Our hosted desktops follow the best international standards of privacy and security. Moreover, our global data centers are independently certified for some of the best international standards for data security and privacy.

According to ESG’s report, Desktop as a Service keeps the confidential data off of users’ device, keeping it secure in the Cloud. This has facilitated a rapid DaaS adoption across several industry verticals.

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Alignment of Security with Productivity

Today, researchers advocate the fact that secure remote based work increases productivity of employees. Following points will further strengthen this notion.

  1. Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and WFH

    Both IT leaders and end-users working from home are of the view that security is essential for remote based work solutions. Zero trust policies and endpoint security are seen to be critical and can be aligned directly with the productivity of a company.

  2. Analytics of Security

    In order to keep the sensitive data secure, it is important to have a complete analysis of the systems and data that users can access. The security policies and analytics of good DaaS solutions, like dinCloud DaaS services, automatically enables the system to identify anomalies. Without any human intervention, via AI, these anomalies will be taken care of.

  3. Zero Trust Architectures

    Zero trust security model has increasingly been gaining traction. The incredibly advanced security analytics will be able to successfully identify if a device has been compromised and it will automatically block the user’s access from such a compromised device. dinCloud Hosted Desktops, which have repeatedly stood the test of time when it comes to security, have great end-to-end solutions for successful implementation of zero trust architectures.

  4. Endpoint Security

    All leading DaaS providers, like dinCloud, have always prioritized cyber security. dinCloud’s already robust virtual infrastructure was further improved when Sophos Intercept X for Endpoints was introduced. Malware, ransomware and viruses can be detected via multi-dimensional approaches to cyber security. This end point detection effectively detects threats coming towards vulnerable end point devices and launches counter responses immediately.


Numerous evidences can be extracted from the above discussion about the remarkable security and privacy features of Cloud-native Desktop as a Service solutions. The sooner organizations realize the importance of virtualization, the better it is for their productivity and efficiency.

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