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Being a part of the legal industry, you may have been hearing about the impact of digital transformation.

The question is, how can the technology related to digital transformation help legal firms with the day to day pressures of the business?  As industry starts to move toward customer experience, the focus on client needs to be balanced with making sure client information is safe.

How Cloud Technology Can Transform the Legal Industry

Cloud for the legal industry

Recent research  points to the adoption of cloud-based technology in the legal industry. Although IT experts were initially hesitant due to concerns about security, they are now realizing the tremendous benefits cloud technology can bring to their firms. Not to mention the layers of security and resiliency that the cloud offers. 

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR)

One way the legal industry is leveraging the cloud is in business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) by using cloud-based services. With the Cloud, sensitive and confidential data is safe and accessible in the event of a disaster. And because the cloud leverages dual redundancy infrastructure as a BC/DR strategy, the data is backed up on various servers in different geographic regions. It also meets the best practices associated with the rigorous security and control mechanisms such as intrusion detection and data encryption. 40.5% of the legal industry are acknowledging BC/DR as one of the most valuable benefits of cloud technology.

Cost Savings

Cloud technology can help the legal industry reduce overhead and operational IT costs such as:

  • on-prem infrastructure and hardware,
  • software,
  • annual licensing fees
  • maintenance packages.

By leveraging cloud, legal institutions offload hardware management to their cloud solution provider (CSP), enabling them to save costs and utilize their IT teams for more important tasks.


Having enhanced collaboration between attorney and client is something that is very important for the legal community as attorneys are always on the go.  They should be able to work from anywhere, be it their office, home or while traveling. With cloud-hosted solutions like Hosted virtual Desktops (HVD or DaaS) legal institutions can enjoy increased mobility and freedom of access.

Benefits of the Cloud for Legal Organizations

Why Cloud?

Cloud technology is becoming the new strategic initiative for the legal industry to enhance collaboration, reduce operating costs, increase security all while meeting the industry’s strict data privacy requirements to ensure success.

If your legal institution is looking to improve operational efficiency while ensuring that your data is secure, consider a secure cloud based solution. Need more details about how cloud can transform your legal institution, reach out to dinCloud today!

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