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As a professional in the legal industry, you may have been reading articles and hearing from colleagues about the traction and momentum for cloud services. Deciphering cloud solutions for your particular needs is still convoluted.

A common use case is cloud backup and in many cases, multiple, redundant copies of legal files. Whether it is misplacing or losing data or in the case of a natural disaster, backups are a necessary part of this business.

Just like your clients, law firms such as yours are looking to store not only their traditional documents electronically but also emails, voicemails and other various formats.

With increased mobility, the need to access records, emails, files, and applications from multiple devices is growing. This “freedom of access” is expanding cloud adoption from the basics of storage and backup to more holistic services such as cloud hosted workspaces (or desktop as a service, ‘DaaS’).

Report on Legal Industry Cloud Adoption

Recent studies conducted by LexisNexis Firm Manager show that cloud services’ impact in the legal industry.

41% of the legal community is of the opinion that their confidential data stored in the cloud is safe and 72.4% of the legal firms are in favor of cloud adoption. No surprise here.

Storage (50%) and backup (56.4%) are the most popular capabilities among the current cloud users in the legal industry while mobility or freedom of access (45.2%) and business continuity/disaster recovery (40.5%) are the most valuable benefits of the cloud. Now we get to some interesting insights… as this “freedom of access” trend grows, so too does the need for a more holistic service.

Cloud Adoption Trends in the Legal Industry

Most of the legal community believes that the cloud will overtake premises-based legal solutions. Using cloud services enables a law firm to overcome the burdens that impede the ability of the internal IT department to support the dynamic needs of the organization.

Some of the benefits law firms find that the cloud helps them achieve:

  • Mobility
  • Efficiency
  • Flexibility
  • Cost Savings

Consider dinCloud – the #1 brand in hosted workspaces in serving law firms and other regulated industries that has holistic cloud based approach to managing data center and desktop operations.

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