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The global pandemic has affected nearly every sector, and healthcare was no exception. While countless other sectors of the economy, like banking and finance were already well digitalized, the healthcare sector remained on the conservative side. This laid back approach towards digitalization was more of a necessity, rather than a conscious choice. Given the highly regulated nature of healthcare as a sector, and the sensitive nature of medical records of patients, digitalization remained a perilous road. However, all this changed massively as soon as the Covid-19 pandemic took us all by surprise. The healthcare sector also experienced unprecedented stress levels and patient load. In this scenario, digitalization emerged as the only viable choice. Healthcare Providers Attain Hyper Innovation with Rapid Digitalization Related: What is Hyper-Converged Infrastructure?

Healthcare Sector Hyper Innovates – Citrix Systems

This trend of post pandemic hyper innovation was affirmed by a recent study conducted by leading technology provider Citrix Systems. According to the study, the global healthcare sector is currently in a state of hyper innovation, backed by digital technologies. The said study was comprised of nearly twelve hundred business leaders, belonging to a wide range of six different industries / verticals. Within the industries that were part of the sample, healthcare ranked among the top in terms of adopting new technologies. This hyper innovation drive across the healthcare sector was backed by digital technologies in general, and cloud computing solutions in particular. Here are a few key takeaways from the study, with particular focus on how healthcare providers responded to the pandemic.

    • An overwhelming 92% of the surveyed healthcare providing organizations adopted new processes and technologies for getting things done.
    • Nearly 82% of the survey respondents pointed towards the use of new infrastructure and tools, in order to provide quality healthcare to the masses.
    • Another 72% of the surveyed healthcare providers reported an uptick in innovation, since the onset of the global pandemic.
    • 58% of the surveyed healthcare facilities providers cited an increase in technology powered collaboration within their respective organizations.

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Cloud Technologies Facilitate Hyper Innovation

The above stats related to the healthcare sector point out a clear shift in how healthcare providing entities are now visualizing the use of digital technologies like Cloud Computing. Leading Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud provided rapid digitalization at scale. It is not that healthcare providers were completely reluctant in adopting digital technologies. However, the use of most such technologies was limited to within the organization, thus impeding the rate of digitalization and innovation. Before the pandemic, healthcare providing entities did not give first preference to cloud technologies for hosting their processes or medical records. All this changed when the cloud infrastructures of leading CSPs like dinCloud stood the test of time. Related: Hyper-Automation to Witness Massive Growth till 2022

Telehealth and Remote Patient Care

After the pandemic, cloud computing powered telehealth emerged as a safe and viable alternative to in-person patient care and examinations. This opened up a whole new avenue for healthcare providers and healthcare seekers alike. The same holds true for remote patient care, and similar to telehealth, cloud technologies provided a secure platform for making remote patient care a possibility. On the flip side, the on-premise IT infrastructures of healthcare providers proved more vulnerable. Related: Use Cases for Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI)

The Cloud Sets the Stage for Hyper Innovation

After handling numerous healthcare related workloads like telehealth, remote patient care, housing sensitive medical records successfully, and even contributing in the fast track development of vaccines for pandemics like Covid-19, Cloud is the way forward. Cloud technologies have now set the stage for a phase of hyper innovation in the field of healthcare, in which the healthcare sector will be adopting the Cloud in a big way. The role of cloud technologies in healthcare will now be shifting from survival to innovation.


The business and process innovations brought about by digital technologies like Cloud Computing boosted revenues to the tune of US $678 Billion. This figure clearly underscores the actual potential in digital technologies once businesses enter hyper innovation. Now, businesses in general, and the healthcare sector in particular are transitioning from survival mode to innovation mode. In this transition, it is flexible, secure and scalable technologies like Cloud Computing that will play a decisive role. Feel free to Contact dinCloud for a wide array of cloud computing solutions that are secure, reliable and meet some of the best international standards for regulatory compliance, cyber security and data privacy.