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Right now, we are in the midst of a major recovery from a devastating pandemic. This is just the right time, when enterprises across the globe are desperate to make lost ground, and carve out new opportunities from a world that has drastically changed.

Businesses always have to contend with some degree of uncertainty, but the sheer scale of variables adversely impacting businesses over the past two years has been phenomenal. Companies were facing existential threats, even before they could grasp this idea.

Amidst all this chaos and confusion, tech provider Citrix Systems conducted a study. The focal point of this study was to underscore the importance of digital technologies and new ways of doing business, as a means of creating a competitive edge in the market.

How Should Businesses Gear-Up for Hyper Innovation?

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Remote and Hybrid Work – A Necessity

When we talk of technologies that supported enterprises during the pandemic, remote work platforms will most likely figure as the top most choice. Consistent, secure and flexible remote work platforms proved a life saver for enterprises during the pandemic.

Going forward, enterprises will have to come to terms with this new reality of remote and hybrid work. If there is one key takeaway from the recent global health crisis, it is that organizational productivity now has little to do with the physical workplace.

Instead of pressing your knowledge workers to return to the workplace full time, forward thinking enterprises will have to adopt flexibility in how employees want to work, and from where. Investing in the right technologies is what’s required at this critical stage.

Key Takeaways from Citrix Systems Survey

Here are some of the key points that emerged from the “Era of Hyper-Innovation” survey conducted by Citrix.

  • 90% of the respondents cited investing in remote work tools and platforms as a major enabler for improving employee productivity, despite many constraints.
  • Nearly 80% of the participants underlined the importance of generating new business ideas and solutions as a way to not only grow, but also sustain this momentum.
  • An overwhelming 93% of respondents noted that digital collaboration tools and platforms gave way to more diverse voices and ideas within the organization.
  • 80% of the respondents witnessed a huge bump in their creativity, as they were no longer pinned down by traditional factors such as traffic jams and long commutes.
  • Half of the respondents attributed their rapid growth during the pandemic era to innovation, and investing in flexible technologies like Cloud Computing.
  • 90% of the respondents believed that investing in innovative remote work tools and technologies has immensely improved employee collaboration across all the tiers.


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Re-Defining Collaboration and Productivity

Going forward, the modern enterprise will have to re-define the concepts of collaboration and productivity. Now, collaboration is no more limited to just the physical confines of the workplace. Instead, most of the collaboration will now be via digital channels.

Under the new, technology driven collaboration environment, some members of a team might be working from home, while others from the office. What they actually need is a seamless environment, where everyone’s voice and idea gets heard.

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Similarly, the concept of employee productivity now has nothing to do with the physical confines of the workplace. Innovative and flexible digital technologies like Cloud Computing are re-defining employee productivity, and enterprises need to embrace this change.


The Covid-19 pandemic, and its aftermath has taught enterprises one important lesson. There is opportunity in every crisis, but only the organizations will the right vision, and an ability to adapt to change rapidly will be the ones leading their industry or niche.

Flexible digital technologies like Cloud Computing will continue to play an instrumental role in making enterprises productive and innovative, despite seemingly disruptive circumstances like a global pandemic.

If you are an enterprise that is in the lookout for flexible, secure and reliable digital transformation solutions, then dinCloud is the right choice for you.