Software Testing Service by a Virtual Robot

Imagine being able to perform Quality Assurance with consistency and precision. This is only possible through a machine-based approach.

Introducing James, a virtual robot that will perform QA testing and monitoring 24/7 to ensure your systems are performing as expected. And if not, James will promptly capture the error and alert you via text or email.

Why Hire James?

You might wonder why you should hire a robot instead of hiring a human to do QA testing. Here are a few considerations:

  • Workaholic

    James will work 24/7, stopping only momentarily for synthetic oil maintenance.

  • Precision

    James has a precise timer. There is no question about the time checks as availability is tested or performed.

  • Focused

    James does not get distracted from his task. With a human tester, you unfortunately have distractions such as calls, emails, IMs, or other phone alerts.

  • Consistency

    James will monitor and test at the same time, and at any interval you wish. This ensures consistency in evaluating your availability and performance.

A Full-Service Virtual Robot

When you “hire” James, he brings along a team of business process experts. As a full-service offering from dinCloud, you don’t have to do any of the work. Our team will review what you want to test, configure the rules engine, set up the reports and dashboard, and deploy the robot.

  • No Programming

  • No Scripting

  • No Maintenance

Virtual Robot Scope of Work

James has a broad list of job responsibilities as your software and business process tester.

As your dedicated testing robot, James will continually monitor and run tests just as if he was a real QA tester.

James takes real-time performance measurements and tracks service availability. James will prepare reports and can also send alerts.

Your dedicated QA robot can check connectivity and capture error messages. He can continuously run through a process (even hourly, 24 hrs a day). If any error pops up, or something is outside of the average performance metric, the QA robot will send alerts via email or text.

  • Prepares reports

  • Tracks service availability

  • Sends alerts

  • Captures errors

  • Takes real-time performance measurements

Where You Can Use a Virtual Robot

Trying to see where you could use virtual robot services and automation? Here are a few examples.


Edwin Yuen

Analyst – Systems Management, PaaS, and DevOps, Enterprise Strategy Group, Inc.

“DevOps has been in place to bring process and control within organizations. With dinCloud’s virtual robot service, businesses get a unique, full-service, cloud-based RPA tool that provides quality control over their processes and systems from the end user perspective. This helps employee engagement and customer experience, which ultimately supports growth in revenue and profitability.”

Laurie McCabe

cofounder & partner, SMB Group

“SMBs are usually unable to afford the same tools as enterprises, but dinCloud’s virtual robot, James, is a service that any business can employ. James monitors critical business systems to make sure they're up, running, and providing customers with the performance they need—and expect.”

Hire James, Fire James as you please | Virtual Robot

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