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Infrastructure as a Service – IaaS

The IaaS sub segment of the cloud has witnessed unprecedented demand. This is an area where leading Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud have offered their cloud infrastructures to thousands of enterprises for multiple use cases.

The Hallmark of Year 2021 will be Massive Cloud Growth

IaaS model of the Cloud will experience further hike in demand as more and more organizations accelerate their digital transformation. In the future, most digitalization initiatives will be conceived around the Cloud for its obvious advantages.

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Business Process as a Service – BPaaS

The ongoing pandemic has severely disrupted traditional on premise infrastructures. Now, more businesses than ever are looking towards the Cloud to power their business processes. The Cloud offers unmatched levels of Business Continuity (BC).

Another reason that will accelerate the demand for BPaaS solutions in 2021 is instant scalability. This enables businesses across the globe to hedge against the prevailing uncertainty by aligning their operations with highly volatile business cycles.

Disaster Recovery as a Service – DRaaS

The Covid-19 pandemic has blatantly exposed the inadequacy of traditional, on premise Disaster Recovery (DR) infrastructures. In addition to their technical limitations, these solutions are very costly to setup and maintain.

Instead, the DRaaS model offered by the Cloud is ideal for businesses that want cost effective and reliable disaster recovery (DR). For this reason, many leading research companies have anticipated massive shift towards Cloud powered DRaaS in 2021.

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When it comes to IT spending, the year 2020 has been all about the Cloud. Many traditional IT architectures have been replaced with the Cloud to deliver secure, reliable and instantly scalable solutions, no matter what the nature of your deployment needs.

This positive momentum is expected to spill over to the year 2021 and we will witness record levels of cloud adoption over the upcoming year. DaaS, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, BPaaS and DRaaS, each one is expected to witness demand growth across the board.

If you are also prospecting for a transition to the Cloud, now’s the time, as it’s never too late. Contact dinCloud for a wide range of cloud services that are secure, reliable and very cost effective as compared to other Cloud Service Providers (CSP) out there.