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Over the past few years, we have witnessed a lot of development in the domains of enterprise software and productivity solutions. However, the manner in which they are delivered to end users has remained relatively unchanged.

Why Cloud Hosted Desktops make Sense in 2020 and Beyond?

This trend was disrupted with the Covid-19 pandemic that set foot around the same time of last year. Even prior to this pandemic, more and more software solutions were becoming cloud native, albeit at a slower pace.

All this has changed with this pandemic of global proportions. Now, most of the workforce at companies has gone fully remote. It is also difficult to attach a defined timeline as to when this remote work trend would come to pass.

Making the Case for Cloud Solutions

With the mainstream applications and enterprise software adapting to the cloud, it is a totally logical choice to move desktops to the cloud as well. This not only creates a unified IT environment, but also simplifies desktop management at the same time.

Hence, the trend of adopting Hosted Virtual Desktops is picking up the momentum that was being anticipated for the last few years. Due to the inherent ease of management, the popularity of Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops is outpacing other cloud solutions.

In the case of Cloud Hosted Desktops, also called Desktop as a Service, businesses are liberated from the burden of managing the underlying hardware as well. This role is assumed by a specialized third party Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like dinCloud.

DaaS Growth Trends

According to leading research company Gartner, the DaaS market is expected to exhibit a whopping growth of over 95% during the year 2020. Just for better perspective, the overall growth in the cloud computing segment is expected to be nearly 6% for 2020.

The above estimate clearly depicts the growth potential in DaaS or Cloud Hosted Desktops. It is quite evident that the year 2020 will belong to DaaS, when we talk of the cloud solutions market segment as a whole.

Why are Cloud Hosted Desktops Growing so Fast?

The rapid migration to Desktop as a Service or Hosted Virtual Desktops (HVD) can be attributed to the following two major factors.

DaaS – The Perfect Remote Work Enabler

Thousands of businesses globally have gone fully remote. The Work from Home (WFH) exercise that started off as a short term phenomenon has now become a mainstream trend. Enterprises now are looking for secure and reliable remote work solutions.

Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops are proving to be just the right answer when it comes to providing a secure and robust remote work environment. With DaaS, remote employees have round the clock access to enterprise data and productivity tools.

Access to Customized DaaS Offerings

The other key factor behind the rapid growth of Hosted Desktops is access to customized DaaS offerings. Initially, DaaS was a technology reserved for just the large corporations that had the financial resources and in house expertise to manage DaaS solutions.

With the maturity of the DaaS market over the past few years and entry of innovative Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud, DaaS is now more accessible than ever. dinCloud has a wide range of DaaS offerings for businesses to choose from.

Each business can now choose the DaaS solution that best fits its needs as well as budget. On top of all that, leading CSPs like dinCloud ensure your transition to DaaS from on premise infrastructures is a seamless affair. This is made possible via 24/7/365 support.



Stats are showing that 2020 will truly be the “Year of DaaS”. Contact dinCloud for best in class Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops that are secure, reliable and customizable to your unique needs.