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In case you missed it, read part one in our disaster recovery series. The next factor in the BC/DR equation is cloud backup. The benefits of cloud storage are widely touted – but some prerequisite cloud storage considerations are less known.

Before moving to the cloud, some things you should consider are: hidden costs in the form of data transfer fees, if your backup software is S3 compatible and NAS support. To find out if you’re cloud storage ready, read on….

Cloud Backup: VEEAM Connect, dinStorage D3, NAS boxes


If you backup your VMware or HyperV environment today using VEEAM then GOOD NEWS you can leverage this software to backup your virtual machines to dinCloud since we have a VEAAM Connect portal that you can utilize!   Just pay for the storage, because we have NO DATA TRANSFER FEES!

Virtual Machine Backup

Our dinStorage D3 is an “Amazon S3-API Compatible Cloud Storage Alternative” so most if not all of the Amazon S3 compatible software you have used in the past will work fine with dinStorage D3!

Advantages of dinStorage D3:

  • Use it over the public Internet (encrypted)
  • Use it over a 1gbps symmetric pipe we sell you which can be used for Cloud, Internet, Voice and more for as little as $1500/month in N. America or Europe.  Customers have used this to move as much as 500TB to the Cloud and keep it synchronized!
  • Amazon S3 compatible  — leverage S3 browser and hundreds of applications already in the market
  • AES256 encrypted – great for healthcare, financial, legal and other verticals
  • 3 copies stored  — peace of mind
  • Automatic synchronization between our Los Angeles & Chicago datacenters 1745 miles apart no matter which site your primary account for D3 is created at
  • NO DATA TRANSFER FEES.   People who think our competition’s cloud storage is cheap really need to read the fine print.  Data transfer fees are how they make their money!  At dinCloud, everything we do is flat rate but never second rate!


QNAP is our preferred vendor but many will work.  We can refer you to any of our 300+ Channel Partners to procure/ship one of these units to your office or home.  It’s nice to know the files are automatically replicated to the Cloud and those files are synchronized between 2 Cloud datacenters 1745+ miles apart automatically.  Rock solid!


What are you waiting for? Talk to a specialist today for more on dinStorage and your cloud storage needs.

For more information on our dinStorage D3, please visit our Cloud Storage page or request information to speak with a cloud specialist.