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Many industries have rapidly evolved to cope with the impact of Covid-19. The accounting industry is no exception and it also had to pivot towards remote work. It is often said that “money never sleeps”, so accounting departments had to figure out some way.

That solution came in the form of Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops, such as the ones offered by leading Cloud Service Provider (CSP) dinCloud. Our Cloud Desktops, also called dinWorkspaces are a turn key solution for accounting firms and professionals.

Our dinWorkspaces can be equipped with fully licensed accounting software such as QuickBooks. This results in a highly capable, accessible and cost effective solution for your accounting needs, from the safety of your home.

Let us delve deeper into some of the benefits of Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops for the accounting and finance industry.

Uniform Architecture

Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops can be easily replicated, also known as scaling. This ability to scale on the fly, as your needs change, is a great advantage to cope with seasonal trends. Demand for accounting professionals skyrockets when return filing dates approach.

Secondly, this results in a uniform IT architecture, which is otherwise maintained by your Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like dinCloud. Due to this uniformity, it becomes much easier for your in-house IT team to manage the needs of accounting and finance professionals.

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Cost Savings

By leveraging Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops, you achieve cost savings in terms of both Capital Expenditures (CapEx) and Administrative Expenses (OpEx). You no longer need in-house data centers or servers.

You also save on admin related expenses as there is no elaborate IT hardware on premise that you have to procure and then maintain. This results in an agile and cost efficient platform, thus improving your overall viability as an accounting firm.

Stable and High Performance

The cloud architecture of leading CSPs like dinCloud is optimized for high performance. As a result, the end user experience is seamless and stable. Your accounting professionals won’t feel any lag or latency, even while performing resource intensive accounting tasks.

Centralized Control and Management

This is yet another benefit of Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops like dinWorkspaces. You enjoy a centralized control and management of your entire cloud infrastructure. At dinCloud, we have made it even easier via our Cloud Orchestration Portal we call dinManage.

Flexible and Device Independent

Our dinWorkspaces can be accessed via any device of the personal preference of your employees. You also don’t need to worry about which Operating System (OS) the device runs upon. Lastly, dinHVDs can be accessed from any location via the internet.

Support BYOD Initiatives

dinWorkspaces allow true support for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives. This simplifies the management of IT hardware, as your company will have to maintain minimal devices in-house. Most employees will prefer to use their personal devices instead.

Multi Layered and Centralized Security

With solutions such as dinWorkspaces, you enjoy a multi layered and centralized security. No critical data is stored on the individual devices of your employees. So, you don’t risk losing important data even if an employee’s device is lost or stolen.

Quick Employee On-Boarding

With a cloud solution such as dinWorkspaces, you can seamlessly on-board new employees. Your IT team does not need to prepare a physical desktop machine. Instead, all they have to do is instantly spin-up a new Cloud Hosted Desktop and assign it to the employee.


The Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktop solutions such as dinWorkspaces are a lifesaver for accounting and finance companies as well as professionals. They are an effective, scalable and readily available solution for this sector.

Contact dinCloud for leading cloud solutions for your accounting, finance or any other individual as well as enterprise needs.