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What is DNS (Domain Name System)?

Domain Name System (DNS) is what resolves a name like to an IP. Websites, VOIP phones, and many mission critical systems rely upon DNS. Knowing this, hackers frequently target these systems using “denial of service” techniques which are often compounded by employing a distributed set of malware compromised PC’s worldwide to attack with, controlled by large “botnets” as the command/control mechanism. Unleashed against you and your business, this becomes a serious threat!

Why dinCloud for DNS?

dinCloud prevails against such attacks no matter what the scale arrayed against us may be because of our AnyCast network design spread across 20+ datacenters worldwide combined with our IP Reputation Filtering response system which disables botnet networks at our Internet Edge routing platforms. dinDNS can be used by ANYONE for their infrastructure ANYWHERE — onsite, another Cloud, it doesn’t matter (DNS is DNS after all!). So when you by new domains or want to migrate existing ones? Park them with dinDNS!

Low Price, High Value

At $10/month for your first 25 domains (.com, .net, whatever you have!) it’s true peace of mind for a low price!

Plus, we have experts who can migrate you from your existing DNS provider seamlessly with zero downtime for as little as $125 one time fee.

Migrate to dinDNS in 7 Easy Steps

  • Login to your current DNS provider
  • Set existing entries for a time-to-live (“TTL”) of 300 seconds (for fast failover / failback if needed)
  • Copy all existing DNS records to dinCloud
  • Login to your current Domain Name provider
  • Switch from your old to new DNS servers
  • Wait 48 hours then remove service with your old provideer


That’s Great! Where Do I Sign Up?

  • Create and/or login to your dinManage account
  • Click on the “Products and Services” tab then “dinDNS”. Easy!


For more information on our dinDNS, please visit our dinDNS page or request information to speak with a cloud specialist.