dinDNS (Domain Name System)

dinDNS portal from the dinManage DashboardWith the “Internet of Things (IoT)” phenomenon on the rise – and the volume of internet-connected assets growing incessantly – organizations have never been more susceptible to security breach. Organizations are particularly susceptible if their Domain Name System (DNS) security measures are inadequate. With the DNS acting as a phone book for the Internet, translating domain names to IP addresses, it is central to web activity, and accordingly, has become a conduit for security breach.

Manage this risk with dinDNS, a robust and reliable DNS offered by dinCloud. Through dinDNS, you can manage your organization’s domains from one portal
and assign full FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Names) to your web, application and network servers, reducing
the time it takes to manage your organization’s data center.

Offered via dinManage with packaged pricing for the first 25 domains, dinDNS is a critical component of your organization’s infrastructure management strategy. With the gravity and prevalence of threats posed in the current digital security landscape, managed DNS services from a trusted cloud provider are essential for any security-minded organization.

How to set up and manage dinDNS