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Workloads are increasingly migrating to the cloud. Enterprises are rapidly adopting cloud solutions in a bid to become more agile and flexible. Cost reduction is also an integral part of the equation, but not a defining factor.

dinCloud’s Integrated Endpoint and Server Protection with Sophos

However, one factor that occupies a central position when it comes to any IT related strategic move is security. Not only is the current IT landscape very hostile, the ramifications of a data or security breach now are often irreparable.

In addition to the damage that is sustained by your enterprise and brand, there can also be exorbitant penalties from regulators. As our reliance on the Cloud is increasing day by day, compliance and regulations are getting more stringent.

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dinCloud and Security

From the very outset, security has consistently remained a top priority at dinCloud. An impeccable track record in cyber security is one of the major selling points of our cloud solutions globally.

However, there is zero room for error on the security front. As the threat landscape evolves, our cloud infrastructure also adapts to it. At dinCloud, we believe in nothing but the best security solutions to protect and preserve our user’s data.

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Security and Remote Work

As soon as the pandemic settled in, we saw an immediate move to remote work. The sheer scale of this Work from Home (WFH) exercise was unprecedented and it opened up a host of new vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious actors.

Being an ace Cloud Service Provider (CSP), dinCloud was quick to respond to the escalating threat landscape. Our cloud specialists and security analysts identified a weak link in the present remote work setup, which was employee endpoint devices.

During the entire course of WFH, remote employees are using a host of endpoint devices to access data, tools and applications. Some of these devices may even be personal ones that are operating beyond the secure internal networks of enterprises.

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The Answer – Sophos Intercept X for Endpoints and Servers

Keeping in line with our tradition of choosing the best solution for our users, dinCloud opted to integrate Sophos Intercept X for Endpoints and Servers. It is a world class suite of security solutions for both virtual machines (VMs) and servers alike.

To create further ease for users, Sophos Intercept X for Endpoints and Servers was integrated into dinManage. This is our intuitive cloud management portal that gives you both control and visibility into the environments provisioned via dinCloud.

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Lets discuss some key advantages of Sophos Intercept X for Endpoints and Servers.

Performance and Security

Sophos Intercept X is based on machine learning and it is a security solution that pre-empts cyber threats instead of responding to them. It is a super light weight security solution that is not a drag on the performance of your dinCloud Virtual Desktops or Servers.

Value and Pricing

Well protected endpoints ultimately translate into well protected architectures as a whole. Therefore, it is a solution that should be viewed as a value proposition. dinCloud believes in transparent pricing and this cloud security solution by Sophos is no exception.

Ease of Implementation with dinManage

The moment you have made up your mind to integrate Sophos into your dinCloud deployed Virtual Desktops or Servers, all you have to do is access dinManage and provision Sophos via our recently integrated marketplace therein.


In addition to deployment, the management of your Sophos security solution will also be performed via dinManage. This will make the whole process of further beefing up your security a seamless affair.


The fully integrate-able Sophos Intercept X solution for Endpoints and Servers is indeed a welcome addition to the already robust security posture of dinCloud. Integrating Sophos into your dinCloud environment will further secure your endpoints.

If you have any further queries about this solution, feel free to Contact Us please.