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Cyber attacks are continually changing. As quickly as businesses can implement new security protocols to ward off these attacks, attackers are finding new ways to launch an assault on businesses. dinCloud recognizes this reality, and our team of industry experts work tirelessly to keep ahead of the attackers by meeting and exceeding industry best practices to ensure the security of our customer’s sensitive data. We are excited to announce the addition of Cisco’s ASA Firewalls to our arsenal of tools protecting our network and your data.

Why there is a need to add Cisco ASA Firewall?

Organizations that want to be on the web need to recognize that there are some inherent risks and consequences that could befall them and can negatively affect their business. Last year alone, huge names like Facebook and Marriott fell victim to breaches that affected billions of peopleCisco’s firewalls are built to help you balance security with productivity and is in line with dinCloud’s vision of providing secure and efficient desktop-as-a-service.

Benefits of Cisco ASA Firewalls

Cisco ASA Firewalls provide:

  • Granular visibility and control
  • Robust web security, either onsite or in the cloud
  • Protection against known threats with industry-leading intrusion prevention systems
  • Protection from threats and advanced malware

Cisco’s ASA Firewalls and dinCloud: A Match Made in Heaven

At dinCloud, security is top of mind, and we have emphasized security at the core. dinCloud provides several layers of security, from physical to virtual, giving you peace of mind that when you do business with us, your data is as secure as it can be, either on-premise or in the cloud. Contact us today to see how dinCloud’s secure desktop-as-a-service solution can enable your business to achieve success and growth while enhancing security.