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dinCloud is excited to announce the release of its latest service, James the Virtual Robot, a software testing and monitoring service that works around the clock to ensure user systems are working as expected. There’s definitely more to James than initially meets the eye.

The QA Tester that Never Sleeps

Some may call him a workaholic. We like to think of James the Virtual Robot as an enthusiastic QA tester who can’t put his monitoring and testing tools away. James is equipped to work 24/7 to ensure your systems are up and running, only stopping momentarily for his synthetic oil maintenance. With this QA enthusiast working on your systems around the clock, users can rest assured their systems are being monitored consistently.

James the Virtual Robot

Calculative and Precise Demeanor

Because James works around the clock, some may think that will compromise precision and performance. Not the case with James the Virtual Robot. Since he is a virtual robot, James can work through the day and night to take precise measurements without compromising performance.

James enjoys keeping track of logs and providing reports. His favorite hobby includes tracking critical service results such as availability and performance. His calculative and precise nature keep him curious about software issues and bugs, and he leaves no area unchecked.

He is programmed with a precise timer, leaving no questions about his ability to do time checks when availability is tested.

No Way to Distract James!

Unlike human QA testers, who can become unfocused due to everyday distractions, James remains focused and has his eyes on the prize: keeping your systems secure and monitored. Without the daily onslaught of calls, emails, IMs, or other phone alerts, James remains completely focused. We dare you to try to distract him!

To learn more about James the Virtual Robot, our latest virtual software testing service, check out the full press release online, or read more.