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In a recent report by Technavio (and reported by Business Wire) it was projected the Desktop as a Service(DaaS) market will increase by over 40% by 2020. What’s also promising is this growth is expected to take place across numerous market segments. The research suggests DaaS is a “tremendous opportunity” for businesses in the financial, insurance, healthcare, and retail sectors. Business Wire goes on to suggest this growth can be attributed to recent strides made to improve customer experience. Additionally- benefits like cost savings and productivity enhancement carry value across industry lines.

Why Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Use will Increase by Over 40% by 2020 – dinCloud

As the brand behind an award-winning DaaS solution, we’ve seen first-hand how this technology can be applied in various industries with great success and tremendous impact. While the business application may vary from industry to industry and business to business, our customers report back with benefits like operational efficiency, improved collaboration, and simplified employee onboarding to name a few.

Building on the research performed by Technavio, we’ve detailed some of the industry use cases we’ve seen. However, DaaS, or any cloud-based solution can offer value regardless of the business you’re in.

If you are a reseller considering your cloud strategy, don’t hesitate – the DaaS market growth this article anticipates will occur whether it’s you or the competition taking a share. Contact us today if you would like to learn more about the “DaaS opportunity” either as a dinCloud partner or end user.

DaaS Growth in Healthcare

Like the cloud industry, healthcare organizations operate in a very different manner than they did just a few years ago. Government incentives, an evolving standard of care administration, and new advancements have stretched the boundaries of healthcare IT. As such, the healthcare industry can reap benefits from virtual desktops powered by an agile cloud infrastructure. DaaS enables mobility – allowing users to securely log in from virtually any device, allows colleagues to collaborate more effectively, and makes it easier for users to access apps like billing, data management and archiving tools.

However, with security concerns lingering and stringent industry regulation – healthcare organizations should limit their consideration to partners that support HIPAA compliance… like dinCloud!

DaaS Growth in Finance

Time and client data are two of the most valued commodities in the financial sector. DaaS solutions can help preserve both… a potential reason why the technology has picked up steam so quickly among businesses in this sector. DaaS solutions offer benefits including: security, compliance support, business continuity/disaster recovery capabilities, availability, and data privacy to financial institutions. A virtualized desktop allows employees to access their data and applications like QuickBooks any time from desktops, tablets, Chromebooks and other supported devices.

DaaS Growth in Retail

Like healthcare and finance, the retail industry has transformed dramatically in recent years. In many ways, consumers have gained from recent changes in the industry, with more personalized service, interactive retail experiences, and intelligent purchase recommendations. Those administering retail services, however, are challenged to meet and exceed the changing standard in order to stay competitive. Cloud technology is powering most retail outposts today to deliver the benefits mentioned previously. Virtual desktops play a central role allowing users to log-in securely from multiple devices and collaborate more efficiently from location to location.

These are just a few examples of how cloud technology is being put to use today – contact us to learn more about how a DaaS solution from dinCloud can serve your business.