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We are increasingly moving towards a data driven world. Each day, vast amounts of data is being generated, consolidated, sorted and analyzed. Organizations go through this painstaking process to extract actionable business insights.

Data Analytics in the Cloud is the Future

In today’s super competitive environment, leveraging data to your advantage is a major source of staying ahead of the curve. Whether its identifying new potential products or services, and even improving existing ones, you need data to support decision making.

Real world business scenarios entail strategic decisions that not only involve millions of dollars, but also define the future course of an enterprise. If such key decisions are taken by utilizing data driven insights, the outcomes can be quite rewarding.

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Data Analytics – A Prohibitive Undertaking

Even before the present day when data has become so much important, businesses have been using it to their advantage. However, the prohibitively high costs of resurrecting a data analytics platform have been a major entry barrier.

There are two key limitations that directly affect the ability of enterprises to pursue data analytics. The foremost issue is that of storing vast amounts of data. Further, the volume of data is also constantly on the rise.

What this implies for organizations is that sooner or later, their on premise capability of storing fresh data may no longer be possible. To make room for storing more data in-house, you will have to ramp up your existing storage infrastructure.

In most cases, the heavy costs of increasing in-house IT infrastructure cannot be justified and this presents a serious capacity related limitation. The other most notable limitation in data analytics is the ability to procure the requisite analytics tools.

Nearly all major data analytics tools demand immense processing muscle to extract actionable business insights. This means that if you want such capability in-house, you need further investment in providing the right processing environment for data.

These can be major undertakings even for mid sized enterprises, let alone the smaller ones that have many other issues to contend with. So, is there a viable platform out there that offers affordable, secure and scalable data storage as well as analytics capabilities?

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Cloud – The Go To Data Analytics Ecosystem

In this post, we will highlight the compelling reasons that make the Cloud a perfect ecosystem for storing and data analysis needs. Lets deal with the costing bit first, as enterprises always aim to curtail costs without affecting productivity.

By storing your data with a specialized Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like dinCloud, you are relieving yourself from the costs of setting up and maintaining on premise data centers. This will save you both capital investments as well as administrative overheads.

As an ace Cloud provider, dinCloud has multiple data centers across the globe. So, even if your data storage needs are scattered over different continents, the cloud is there to house all that data originating from different parts of the globe.

You also need to keep your data secure from both internal vulnerabilities and external threats. If all this data is on premise, you may not be in a position to secure it well and this is a major limiting factor.

The Cloud on the other hand is a safe repository of your data, as there are multiple layers of security that typically include encryption, access management and real time protection from malware as well as ransomware.

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With data storage and security bits dealt with, you now have to focus on the prize and that is data analytics. This is yet another area where the processing muscle of Cloud Service Providers like dinCloud comes into the picture.

Over the Cloud, you have access to some of the world’s best data analytics tools and platforms. Most of these tools are purpose built for cloud environments, which can be leveraged right out of the box.

Here is the best part, the Cloud offers you instantly scalable resources for your data storage and analytics needs. This means that as and when your data management needs change, you can instantly scale your cloud infrastructure up or down.


In today’s world, data analytics will be playing an instrumental role in the effectiveness and competitiveness of enterprises. So, it is imperative that your organization also has access to a secure, accessible and scalable cloud powered data management ecosystem.

By extracting timely and actionable business insights from data, you will be able to craft the competitive edge that is required today. dinCloud offers access to some of the best cloud powered virtual servers and databases for your data management and analysis needs.