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In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, enterprises have responded in a variety of ways. The top most priority in response to this crisis was preparedness for remote work. There are more than one ways of deploying a remote work platform.

How to Employ DaaS in Pandemic Response?

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) or Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops stand out as the most obvious response to the pandemic. There is a caveat to the adoption of DaaS solutions though, which is that you need to look at DaaS as something beyond just mere cost savings.

Enterprises that have adopted DaaS Solutions without proper homework and with the sole objective of savings costs, have not been able to tap into its true potential. Gartner has forecast an increase of 150% in the number of DaaS users between 2020 and 2023.

When you are prospecting for a DaaS solution, such as dinHVD, which is dinCloud’s premier cloud hosted virtual desktop platform, here are a few vital things to consider first.

Re-aligning of Digital Transformation Strategy

It would be an injustice with DaaS if the sole purpose for its adoption is cost savings. Instead of implementing DaaS as a stand alone solution, you should first formulate a comprehensive digital transformation strategy.

The capabilities of DaaS as a solution mainly play the role of an enabler, and in most cases, an accelerator. Still, the adoption of DaaS as a mid to long term remote work platform or productivity solution must align with the broad digitalization strategy of the enterprise.

Segment Your User Base

The next crucial step is segmenting your user base based on job role, data and application needs. This will enable you to setup user groups for your cloud hosted virtual desktops. This step will go a long way in saving precious dollars on “over spec” DaaS solutions.

Cyber Security Needs

A secure DaaS solution is crucial for the long term viability of any such initiative. Premier DaaS provider, dinCloud, not only deploys a multi layered security, you can also add on endpoint level protection via Sophos Intercept X for cloud hosted endpoints and servers.

DaaS – Way More than just BC

Some enterprises tend to make the mistake of considering DaaS merely as a Business Continuity (BC) proposition. While its true that DaaS offers un-paralleled BC under the most disrupting circumstances, its much more capable than just the BC role.

Contactless Customer Solutions

The expectations of consumers have drastically changed ever since the pandemic. Customer interactions and delivery channels are becoming contactless with every passing day. DaaS can have a leading role to play in this new business environment.

Distributed Workforce Needs

With all or the majority of your employees working remotely, you will need to provision a technology platform that is both secure and agile. DaaS is a very potent solution to meet the needs of a distributed or remote workforce.

The role of DaaS is pivotal in reducing employee on-boarding processes, as you can instantly scale DaaS resources hosted in the cloud. With DaaS as your solution, you can reduce both the employee on boarding times as well as the associated costs.


DaaS should be viewed as much more than just a cost saving solution. It is a technology that has immense potential and with proper planning, execution and monitoring, you can take your pandemic response to a whole new level.

Contact dinCloud for innovative DaaS solutions for pandemic response and much more.