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The Cloud Computing Industry has been consistently growing at a very decent pace over the past few years. This growth has been achieved on the back of both innovation and expansion in the area of cloud powered solutions.

Cloud Computing A Savior Among The Covid-19 Crisis

Still, there comes a time when even the supporters of a technology such as the cloud start to cautiously question its future prospects and utility. In many ways, the same can be said about the cloud industry, despite the fact that growth numbers showed otherwise.

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However, the most recent seal of approval and highly promising future prospects have been bestowed upon the cloud by sadly, a global pandemic we all have come to call Covid-19 aka Corona virus. This stealthy virus has wreaked havoc across the globe.

Massive Lockdowns and the Cloud

In a bid to check the constantly rising number of people affected by this virus, governments across the globe have imposed strict lockdowns and even curfews. These drastic measures at such a massive scale are unheard of, at least post World War-II.

These drastic containment measures were initially criticized across the globe but once the masses came to terms with the horrific reality that this was the only means to contain this pandemic so far, people have now started to cope.

You may cope with the physical and psychological toll of these drastic measures but what about people’s jobs and businesses. Can they afford to remain indefinitely closed, especially in these times of economic uncertainty prevailing across the globe?

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Barring a handful of cases, the answer to the above question is certainly a no. So, the next question is that is there a technology or solution that can be leveraged in these extra ordinary times to maintain mission critical operations remotely.

This is where the Cloud comes into the picture. Cloud Computing solutions, by their very design, are a very suitable and perhaps the only viable solution in this crisis. It won’t be an overstatement to say that cloud is indeed emerging as a savior for millions.

In this post, we will try to highlight some of the key areas where the cloud is shining and leading from the front; in enabling businesses and professionals to maintain the minimal level of functionality, thus mitigating the overall chaos around us.


In these times of crisis, even connectivity would have become a huge obstacle if it were not for the cloud. You can connect with your peers or loved ones thousands of miles away by technologies and solutions that run over the cloud infrastructure.

Despite most people barred from coming to their respective offices, data is constantly being collected over the cloud and also stored, shared and analyzed over the cloud. Companies are constantly realigning their strategies in line with this crisis.

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Global Markets

The Covid-19 pandemic has really shattered investor confidence across the globe. Many financial and capital markets across the globe have been one of the hardest hit sectors in the aftermath of the Corona crisis.

Still, the markets were able to stabilize relatively quickly and smoothly, thanks to the reliable and super fast cloud services that were being used to convey the latest, real time data to investors across the globe.

If it were not for the cloud, the fears and uncertainty surrounding the capital markets would have triggered a global financial crisis, in addition to the already prevalent medical crisis. By leveraging the cloud, investors were able to manage their risk in time.

Streaming Capabilities

The tremendous data handling and streaming capability afforded by cloud powered solutions has really contributed in mitigating the effects of this global crisis. Some key beneficiaries of the cloud include media companies, educational institutions and more.

The education sector is perhaps one of the most relevant examples of how the cloud has come forward and saved our day. Schools, colleges and universities were among the foremost sectors that started shutting down to contain the spread of Covid-19.

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All praise to the cloud that has enabled most educational institutions to start imparting education over cloud powered platforms. This ensures that students, who are the future of a nation are not only safe but also availing uninterrupted education.


Reconsider for a moment that if it were not for the cloud, what would have our present day cell phones look like. Instead of the productivity and entertainment power house that they are, they would just have been a dull device that makes calls and sends SMS.

By leveraging the cloud, modern cell phones that we now gladly call smartphones have become so powerful. In most cases, you won’t even feel the need to switch over to the laptop or desktop PC to get a job done.

Data Management

In present times, data has literally become a very prized commodity. Thanks to the immense and versatile capabilities of the cloud, valuable insights can be extracted from vast amounts of data which can then be transformed into actionable guidelines.

The cloud not only reigns supreme in storing vast amounts of data but also processing it. Previously, the computing tasks that were reserved only for super computers can now be executed and modeled over the cloud infrastructure, at a fraction of the cost.

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Information and Entertainment

Although this may not appeal to you right from the outset but information and entertainment, both have a pivotal role to play in this time of chaos, fear and confusion. By leveraging the power of cloud, accurate information can be circulated across the globe.

The importance of information cannot be stressed enough in these extraordinary times. The cloud is acting as a highly effective mechanism of disseminating information that is relevant, authentic and very helpful in fighting this global crisis.

Now is the Time to Act

If you were one of those people that were skeptical of the cloud’s future, you surely need to revisit this approach and think otherwise. With no timelines attached to the lifting of massive lockdowns and curfews, the cloud may be your only savior.

Why dinCloud as Your Cloud Provider

Barring a few of the cloud’s biggest names, most Cloud Service Providers (CSP) did not factor in the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic on the demand for cloud solutions, until it had rapidly spilled out of China.

Ever since the deadly virus has stepped beyond its country of origin, there is little Cloud Providers could do in order to prepare themselves for the surge in demand. The only exception here are CSPs that not only took the disease serious, but also its effects.

The management of dinCloud was highly proactive in this regard and took the initiative in its own hands. From revolutionary steps such as enabling the entire company to work from home (WFH) or enhancing cloud infrastructure, dinCloud remained on top. (Add In Blockquote)

As a result, despite severe lockdowns across the globe, the entire team of dinCloud is fully operational remotely from the safety of their homes. This step has put dinCloud is an ideal posture to serve its existing and prospective cloud customers.

dinCloud offers a wide array of cloud services such as Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD), Servers and Database solutions, all hosted in the cloud. We enjoy a very good track record in terms of cyber security, uptime, customization and scalability.


The situation around the Covid-19 triggered crisis is far from over and we may be in for the long haul, Therefore, it is imperative that you waste no further time and immediately transition yourself or the organization over dinCloud’s robust and secure solutions.