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We have seen cloud computing play an instrumental role in responding to the Covid-19 crisis. The healthcare sector was by far the worst hit from this global health crisis and had to bear the brunt of the pandemic.

Cloud Powered Healthcare Market Could Surpass US $76 BN by Year 2026

However, there is a huge silver lining within this crisis of global proportions, one that has taken away many of our beloved ones with it. The technological advancements we have achieved within the last few months are phenomenal in terms of digitalization.

As it is often said that in every crisis, there also lies an opportunity. Many experts of the tech industry strongly believe that we have achieved digitalization and technological advancements worth years, in a matter of weeks and months during the pandemic.

A classic example of this is the way how cloud infrastructures were used in devising a vaccine for the novel Corona virus, which has wreaked havoc across the globe. The healthcare industry delivered on this front in flying colors.

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The Cloud and Evolution of Healthcare

Healthcare has always remained a heavily regulated sector, and not much has changed after the pandemic as well. Healthcare providers hold some of the most sensitive and personal data of millions of individuals, hence the stringent regulations.

After the pandemic though, we witnessed a major shift in how healthcare providers previously perceived the Cloud. Leading Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud have demonstrated that their cloud infrastructures are both reliable and secure.

So, the general perception of healthcare providers towards the public cloud has drastically changed over the past few months. Lately, the healthcare sector has relied heavily on Cloud infrastructures for core operations as well as facilities like telehealth.

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GIA Forecasts Strong Growth in Cloud Healthcare

In a recent study that was published by Global Industry Analysts (GIA), the total size of the global cloud healthcare market could surpass a whopping US $76 Billion by the year 2026. GIA has been closely watching the tech and cloud sectors lately.

This is a phenomenal growth projection, especially in the context that healthcare is a heavily regulated sector even to this day. Rather, we are seeing compliance standards and regulations around personal data get even tighter with every passing day.

Cloud Telehealth – A Game Changer

According to GIA’s report, a major chunk of this growth can be attributed to the phenomenal demand of the Cloud for telehealth. By leveraging the Cloud for telehealth, our healthcare providers can deliver safe and high quality care to patients remotely.

The telehealth revolution does not stop here. In the near future, we may also see sensitive medical records make their way to the Cloud. This way, patients will be able to give physicians access to their medical records despite being on two different continents.

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So, the Cloud will be acting as a medium to deliver remote medical advice and assistance to millions of patients in need across the globe. Lastly, GIA expects an even bigger role of the Cloud in designing vaccines for outbreaks and pandemics across the globe.


A leading company to get its Covid-19 vaccine approved for human use, within a record low time, used the cloud infrastructure for testing and designing of its remedy. This in itself is a proof of the potential that the Cloud holds for the healthcare sector as a whole.

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