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The healthcare sector has been at the helm of the Covid-19 crisis. While this pandemic has affected organizations far and wide, it is the healthcare sector that has taken the brunt of all this impact. The true aftershocks of this crisis are still all around us.

How is the Cloud Leading the Evolution of Healthcare?

As a result, there is a pressing need for healthcare providers to evolve as per the changing needs of this sector. However, this can’t be done overnight as healthcare is a heavily regulated sector. Every strategic decision needs careful thought.

The Pitfall of Hasty Transformation

Under the current circumstances, time is of the essence and there can’t be two opinions about this. Still, organizations in general and healthcare providers in particular need to be watchful of the common pitfalls of hasty digital transformation decisions.

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One such major pitfall is a lack of integration with the existing, legacy technology infrastructures already in place before this pandemic struck. Given the intricate nature of healthcare and the highly interdependent systems, this is something you can’t afford.

Requisites for Technological Change

Now, lets briefly touch on the few requisites for any technological change in the healthcare sector that’s being conceived in response to Covid-19.

Seamless Integration

This factor is of paramount importance, as its just not possible for healthcare to suffer a major “outage”. This is an area where the offerings of Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud offer a clear advantage due to their inherent flexibility.

An extension of this concept is the Hybrid Cloud model in which a healthcare provider maintains critical data and medical operations on premise. This is done until the cloud infrastructure fully evolves and thread bare tweaks are well in place.

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Holistic Digital Transformation

The changes that the healthcare sector is going through may not roll back even once we are past this crisis. Take the example of cloud powered telemedicine or telehealth. We have seen such amazing results so far that this may become a mainstream practice real soon.

So, any digital transformation in healthcare should not be in isolation. Instead, it should align perfectly well with the strategic digital transformation goals of the healthcare provider in order to deliver the best outcomes.

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Fiscal Responsibility

While some may argue that this aspect does not apply to healthcare providers, but it surely does. At the end of the day, any digital transformation initiative such as Cloud adoption has both financial and opportunity costs. To top all that, time is yet another key limitation.

The costs of an ill-conceived or poorly executed digital transformation initiative can be astronomical when it comes to both time and finances. To this end, it is the flat rate subscription model of CSPs like dinCloud that stand out from the other alternatives.

The Cloud – A Fully Viable Platform

When we consider the above requisites for any digital transformation within healthcare, it’s the Cloud that presents itself as the most viable platform. Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud offer a wide array of cloud powered solutions for healthcare providers.

dinCloud’s infrastructure meets some of the best international standards for data privacy and regulatory compliance, which are really important for healthcare providers and the other stakeholders that are involved.

On top of all this, CSPs like dinCloud relieve healthcare providers from the additional burden of maintaining the cloud infrastructure. That way, health care providers can focus their energies and resources on the areas that matter the most.

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Cross Integration via the Cloud

This is yet another area where a cloud powered healthcare ecosystem will work wonders. The ultimate goal of any such initiative should be to fully integrate other sub-domains of healthcare into the Cloud such as medical as well as insurance records and so forth.


The cloud, with its inherent flexibility and capabilities, presents itself as a catalyst for innovation in the global healthcare sector. What’s required the most is a well conceived transformation plan and a reliable cloud partner to pull this all off.

Contact dinCloud for reliable and compliant cloud powered solutions to attain a swift digital transformation for your healthcare providing institution.