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The technology landscape around us is evolving at a very rapid pace. We are not only witnessing disruptive new technologies, but existing digital technologies are blending in a way so as to deliver awesome synergy.

Amidst this rapid advancement of digital technologies, data is playing a very instrumental role. It won’t be an overstatement to say that in the near future, reliable data could become a very precious commodity in itself.

Cloud Computing, IoT, AI and Edge Computing Outlook for Year 2022

Whether its Edge Computing, the Internet of Things (IoT) landscape, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) or any other technology, data can be seen acting as a major building block within this entire ecosystem.

In this post, we will present an outlook for the year 2022, when it comes to mainstream digital technologies like the Cloud, the Edge, AI and IoT. We will also discuss the overlap of these technologies and their interoperability in some cases.

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Mass Deployment of AI & ML at the Edge

We will see an ever increasing deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the edge. The driving forces behind this trend are reduced latency, and the availability of more “intelligence” right at the edge of the network.

However, most of the Machine Learning (ML) related training of these AI models will take place either within cloud infrastructures, or in the ultra powerful enterprise networks. This means we should see even larger and more complex workloads get tackled at the Edge.

We also expect the importance of integration systems to increase manifold. The constant upgrading, or tweaking of AI that is deployed right at the edge will only bear the right results if there is a strong integration mechanism between the Edge and the Cloud.

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A Mix of Edge and Cloud Infrastructures will Emerge

The initial perception was that Cloud Computing could fully cater to the needs of Edge environments. While this could be theoretically correct, it tends to introduce the element of latency, something that is a red flag in the realm of edge computing workloads.

The true value proposition of edge infrastructures is exhibited by their ability to process data and workloads with zero to minimal latency. So, enterprises will rely on both Cloud and Edge deployments, and the final choice will be depend on the nature of workloads.

Industrial Sector Gears Up for IoT and Edge Hardware

We expect much more complex, and larger scale Edge as well as IoT infrastructures taking shape. Some industries with a lot of potential for implementation include manufacturing, automation in buildings, smart energy solutions and much more.

In order to fulfill this high demand, the industrial sector will ramp up the production of smart IoT devices and other pieces of hardware that goes into such environments. Manufacturers of IoT and Edge related equipment will also need sustainable models.

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High Demand for Full Stack Solutions

Companies that are implementing Edge and IoT powered solutions will not be interested in procuring the requisite hardware on a piece meal basis. This approach to commissioning new hardware is time consuming and hectic.

Instead, we expect enterprises will be more interested in full-stack solutions, bundled together in a neat package. This will not only save the deploying enterprises precious time, but will also enable them to adopt these cutting edge technologies on fast track basis.

Edge Management Solutions to Evolve

We expect edge management solutions to evolve in a huge way during the year 2022. It all begins with crucial functions like the preparation, management and monitoring of the host edge nodes. This in turn will give rise to a highly optimized edge infrastructure.

That is not all, Edge and IoT infrastructures also need to be capable of handling rapid changes in configurations, as and when they are rolled out. This capability also extends to the on-boarding of sensors and other devices.

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The year 2022 will be one of fast track adoption, implementation and integration of Cloud and Edge environments. Smart IoT devices will be playing the role of “first responders” in this whole digital ecosystem.

More and more intelligence, or decision capabilities will be moving to the Edge, taking the opportunities for deployment to new heights altogether. Most of the processing intensive Machine Learning (ML) workloads will be handled by Cloud Computing environments.

The various IoT devices are the ones that will be taking split second decisions and implementing them instantaneously. We should be setting foot in the era of smart homes, smart buildings and even entire smart cities in the near future.

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