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The past two years have been really stressful for healthcare professionals globally. While healthcare workers acted as saviors for millions globally, they were themselves subjected to some of the toughest working conditions in medical history.

The other factor that added to the valor and sacrifice of healthcare workers was that while they were giving their best in saving the lives of others, they were also seeing many of their own loved ones perish in this global pandemic.

Cloud Computing – A True Savior for Burnt Out Healthcare Workers

However, at the end of the day, healthcare workers cannot be fully immune to how the human mind and body work. After nearly two years of working long hours and facing unprecedented stress levels, healthcare workers are facing severe burnout.

In a recent study conducted by Vivian Health, which is a healthcare sector job search platform, it was found that nearly 40% of the frontline healthcare workers are considering leaving their jobs due to work related burnout.

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What’s even more worrying is that the ones that will stay, might not be performing at their optimal levels. This is an alarming situation for healthcare providers globally, and they will need to figure out ways for making life easier for these burnt out healthcare workers.

Leveraging Digital Technologies in Healthcare

Over the past months, we have seen the proliferation of digital technologies like Cloud Computing in nearly all spheres of the society. It is high time that in order to facilitate healthcare professionals, cutting edge digital technologies need to be adopted.

While most of healthcare revolves around personal care, there are many operational aspects of a healthcare worker’s day to day tasks that can be revolutionized and digitalized by cutting edge technologies like Cloud Computing.

In this post, we will be highlighting some Cloud Computing tools that are already turning out to be a savior for stressed out healthcare providers. We will also touch upon some new areas of opportunity, where Cloud based tools can prove a great help for this sector.

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Time Study – A Great SaaS Solution for Healthcare

Perhaps the most valuable commodity these days is time, which also doubles down as the scarcest resource out there. The lack of time will stand out as the most common reason people have for non-completion of day to day tasks, and healthcare is no exception.

Unlike some other fields out there, healthcare is all about following due procedure, and documenting everything. After all, it is precious human lives we are talking about. Add on the element of a whole new disease, and things get even more complicated.

With the goal of optimal time utilization by healthcare providers, a cloud powered SaaS solution called “Time Study” was designed by Kishau Rogers. The solution uses intelligent time tracking to monitor how healthcare workers spend their work hours.

The major benefit of this SaaS solution is that healthcare professionals no longer have to maintain traditional timesheets. This solution also provides hospitals with actionable data related insights that improve the work routine of healthcare workers.

This in turn frees up their time from trivial day to day tasks, which not only relieves healthcare worker stress, but also translates into better patient care. The tool also helps a great deal in improving the schedules of healthcare professionals.

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Droice Labs – A Machine Learning (ML) System in the Cloud

Another cloud powered solution that is revolutionizing healthcare is Droice Labs. The solution uses Machine Learning (ML) and natural language understanding to aggregate otherwise disparate medical records of patients, and other types of patient forms.

The solution then correlates this aggregated patient data with other scientific publications and medical devices across the globe. This process results in a deeper understanding of a patient’s condition, by taking into account prior history and other patient’s records.

This cloud computing solution not only results in a much superior and accurate identification of a medical condition, but also does so in the minimal time. Thus, healthcare workers can focus their energies and time on the actual problem, rather than diagnosis.

It is otherwise humanly impossible to draw such complex comparisons, especially when healthcare professionals are already stressed and burnt out. Even if they can pull this feat off, imagine the time a single patient would require for an accurate diagnosis.

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The cloud computing solutions we have discussed in today’s post are just the “tip of the iceberg”, when it comes to the true potential of this technology in healthcare. By leveraging these cutting edge cloud solutions, we can halt healthcare worker burnout.

By leveraging cloud technologies, healthcare providers will be able to deliver a much more personalized and speedy care to patients. Over the mid to long term, this will go a long way in reducing the workload from healthcare workers across the globe.

The outcome will be much reduced stress levels for healthcare professionals, while also improving patient care in the whole process. When used correctly, Cloud Computing can really turn things around in the healthcare sector, especially healthcare workers.

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