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Remaining competitive in the current landscape requires speed, agility, control and visibility; as such, designers are no different

Cloud-Based Solutions for Professional Designers

than the rest of the workforce, they seek anywhere, anytime, any device access to the files and programs that drive their work functionality. On the other hand, designers need to manage massive amounts of data but don’t want to deal with bulky equipment and messy cable connections. This is where the cloud-based solutions can play a key role.

A recent study shows that 87% of small businesses report that the cloud-based solutions offer them a competitive advantage, by enabling them to go to market faster and increase productivity amongst their mobile workforce. Even the US government believes in the cloud; to the degree that they have set aside $2.5 billion to invest in the cloud through 2016.

Let’s take a look at some benefits of cloud-based solutions for professional designers:

Scalable and Cost-effective Computing for Designers

  • Computing power is scalable for large jobs requiring more cores.
  • Free-up space on your hard drive while ensuring you’ll never lose your personal files.
  • Unlimited storage offered for a flat monthly fee (the cost of subscription is low.)
  • Designers, collaborators, employers and clients can securely access projects via the cloud, from anywhere, at any time, using any device.
  • The software vendor is responsible for hardware upgrades and maintenance.

Easy and Secure Access for Designers

  • You can access it from anywhere through an internet connection, after providing your secure login ID and password.
  • Cloud-based secure authentication methods allow only authorized users access to data and services.
  • You control who has access to your data, when you share it, and with whom.
  • The services are designed to protect data and authentication in transit.
  • With your IT in the cloud, files can be accessed with a 99% guaranteed uptime.

Backup and Ownership for Designers

  • Data stored in servers is backed up automatically to maintain reliability and availability.
  • Download and back up work locally in a secure environment.
  • Once purged, your data may persist in backup copies for a reasonable period of time but cannot be recovered or read by anyone but you.
  • Customers own the content they create.
  • IP does not transfer ownership simply because of the storage location.

Most designers see the major advantage of the cloud as being able to work outside the office, yet remain in constant contact. What do you think are the key advantages of cloud-based solutions for professional designers?

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