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Windows 7 end of life date is quickly approaching, with half of 2019 already a part of the history books, and if you haven’t already begun planning for the migration of the current Windows 7, it might be a stressful remainder. While change can be scary, the migration to Windows 10 has several benefits for your business that might put your reservations aside.

Windows 10 Enhances Speed, Usability, and Security


There are many benefits of migrating to Windows 10, even if the transition wasn’t going to be required. But we felt these 3 were the biggest of them all.

Operating Speed

No one likes to watch the hourglass spin. It’s probably safe to say that one of the most frustrating parts of using computer technology is having to wait for what seems like forever after you click a button to actually have the computer respond. But the enhanced speed will be the most apparent in the startup speed. By cutting down on bloatware and unnecessary startup processes, the new Windows 10 startup speed rivals that of MacOS X devices, resulting in refreshing user experience.


Microsoft has finally brought back the popular Windows start button but with a twist. Instead of the previous start “tile,” the start button will open up a redesigned, larger “tile,” giving users the control and simplicity of a start button with the graphical display of the Windows 8 start tile. Additional improvements in touch screen functionality enable users to continue to use this intuitive experience on their desktop and laptop devices.


With the constant innovation that cybercriminals put into designing the malware and ransomware products, security protocols have to keep up. The “secure boot” procedure from Windows 8 has been carried over but with major improvements. The secure boot procedure requires any program that begins when the operating system fires up must be signed off by both Microsoft and the hardware manufacturer. Windows 10 also added new security features such as Device Guard, Microsoft Passport, and Windows Hello.

Windows 10 + VDI = The Perfect Solution

All of these features are even more enhanced when combined with the power of hosted virtual desktop infrastructure. Users can not only take advantage of the speed, user-friendliness and security functions of the Windows operating system, but they can do so on the road, and from any device available. dinCloud looks to bring this combination of technology to you in the short-term, so keep an eye on this space to learn how you can combine the power of Windows 10 with the flexibility of virtual desktop infrastructure.