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According to Tech Target, 31% of businesses surveyed plan to implement virtual desktop infrastructure technology, up from 19% in 2018.  What is driving this demand?  We believe there are 4 main driving forces behind the push towards virtual desktop infrastructure implementations and these are as follows:

  • Mobility
  • Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD)
  • Security
  • End-User access to applications


4 Reasons Why You Should Choose VDI

There are 4 main reasons why you should migrate to VDI and these are as follows:

VDI Enables Mobility

Sudden disruptions no longer have the ability to harm the productivity of your employees.  Weather, outages, travel delays can all become irrelevant.  How?  VDI solutions host all of the end users data on a separate server, so all you need is an internet connected device and you are back up and running.

VDI Enables BYOD Strategies

Many end users have strong preferences over the type of technology they use, and switching between operating systems can be confusing for some.  As a result (and as a cost-saving measure) many businesses are moving to a bring-your-own-device strategy.  Users can utilize any device they wish, whether it is a tablet, Windows or Apple device.

VDI Enhances Security

No data resides on the physical endpoint, meaning if your device is lost or stolen, the unauthorized user can not gain access to that endpoints data.  Additional protocols can be put in place that disables users from copying and pasting from within the VDI environment to further secure your data.

VDI users can install their Own Applications

Users have the ability to procure and utilize non-corporate applications on their endpoint with VDI while maintaining the security and integrity of the virtual desktop.

Cloud-based VDI Solutions Bring Even More Benefits

Above and beyond the ones listed above, a cloud-based VDI solution enhances the delivery of VDI even further.  Not only do you gain instant access to the mobile and security enhancements of the VDI but the subscription-based nature of the solution reduces costs by enabling you to only pay for the number of virtual machines that you need.  You also no longer have to manage the data centre, so CapEX is significantly reduced as is the operating expenses needed for rent, utilities and staff to manage the complex on-premise solution. Learn More on how your business can benefit from hosted VDI solutions.