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One of my duties at dinCloud is to do analyst briefings, and having done over a hundred of these in the last couple of years, I know my job is to be succinct and answer the primary questions:

•  What does your company do now?

•  Why should anyone care?

Well, America Needs to Onboard Staff

That’s really the truth. Whether they be employees, contractors, out-sourcers, etc, America is hiring (2014 – “Healthiest Year for Job Growth Since 1999”).

Although America is growing like it’s 1999, it doesn’t mean America can afford to use 1999 IT mechanisms to onboard staff.

Namely, legacy on-premise storage, servers and desktops. America needs a way to quickly provision:

  • Storage
  • Servers
  • Desktops

This must all be done in a way that ties into current infrastructure without the cost, manpower and timeframe that usual onboarding creates.

dinCloud has the Answer: dinManage Cloud Orchestration

Easy Onboarding – that’s why dinCloud has created dinManage 5.0. It’s a complete re-write of cloud provisioning. It enables full customization of all key infrastructure components, including the VPNs, Firewalls, IP addresses and other security components.

In dinManage 5.0, a few clicks of your mouse unleashes an expansive set of functionality.

The result is immediate provisioning and onboarding of key infrastructure components, allowing the enterprise to take advantage of signficant, immediate, economic growth and expansion (See Image #1).

dincloud dedicated vpc

Image #1:  dinCloud enables enterprises to immediately onboard the necessary IT resources (servers, storage and desktops) for onboarding new staff and services.

Contact us and we’ll give you a demo, All the best! Cloud on!

DinManage 5.0 Simplifies Cloud Deployment: Storage, Servers, Desktops