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Silver Linings Technology is an IT Services company that offers the expertise of a CIO without the costly overhead of having one in-house. We have 25 plus years of expertise in multi-facility locations, specializing in working with Healthcare and Cannabis Facilities. We strongly believe cloud technologies offer the greatest benefits and help on-premise businesses move to the cloud to utilize these.

silver linings partners with leading csp dincloud

What Silver Linings Technology Offers?

  • Full-Service, Co-Managed and Contingent IT
  • Strategic insight to right-size technology for the stage and size of client companies
  • Cloud setup and migration
  • System and Network support
  • Phone systems and VoIP
  • Security, Surveillance and Access Control
  • 24/7/365 Support Services

What are Cloud Services?

Cloud Computing is now moving rapidly into businesses of all sizes and allows a business to shift the processing and hosting responsibilities to more secure and reliable third-party resources. Instead of running everything internally, employees access their data, applications, programs, and email via browser tools that connect them to everything they need to operate efficiently.

Silver Linings Technology partners with dinCloud, a leading Cloud Service Provider (CSP) because of their value and excellence in customer service. They have a much more intuitive user interface than other cloud hosting providers while offering an industry-leading flat-rate pricing model.

The cloud offers solutions such as:

  • Work can be done remotely from multiple sites
  • Data storage in ultra-secure environments, usually cost-prohibitive for internal IT departments
  • Higher system availability
  • Mobile platforms
  • Accessible from vendor-agnostic workstations and device platforms

The cloud can also rationalize technology expenses that scale on the fly to meet your company’s current and future needs. Gone are the days of having to purchase capacity in advance for future growth/needs – the cloud allows you to scale as per your timeline.

Silver Linings Technology provides seamless service that will set up and support the smooth transition of companies to the cloud in three simple steps:

  1. Evaluate your current applications and infrastructure.
  2. Design potential scenarios for migrating to cloud infrastructure and services that minimize the impact on business operations, while maximizing the value proposition.
  3. Execute the strategy with an inherent flexibility to adjust the path as your business requirements change.

Once implemented, we continue to monitor and support your infrastructure so that you can focus on core business operations and strategy.

How To Leverage Cloud Services For A Competitive Edge?

The most effective way to use technology and stay competitive in today’s marketplace is using a hybrid model of cloud technologies and services.

Hybrid cloud environments give businesses a little bit of everything needed for success. Worried about security? Hybrid Cloud Services offer privacy and security on the same level as a private cloud. Worried about flexibility? Hybrid cloud services give you all the flexibility of operating on a public cloud.

According to an IBM report, “Growing Up Hybrid”, more than two-thirds of all organizations are blending traditional and cloud-based applications to power their offices. Managers see hybrid services as a way to get all they need in technology in the least expensive, most effective way possible.

What does it mean for you?

Increase Employee Productivity

Technology is no longer something that sits on a desk and stays at the office. Everything should be at your fingertips, no matter when or where you need access to productivity tools.

Of course, that puts your data at risk if you don’t protect it the right way. That’s the beauty of using hybrid cloud services. A hybrid cloud gives you the opportunity to segregate sensitive data from services and applications your employees tend to use every day. It makes their lives easy by giving them the flexibility to control and have access to what they need when they need it.

Leverage Technology Quickly

Have you ever wished you could try out new technology without putting your infrastructure at risk? It’s easier to do so with hybrid cloud services. With most services, you can adapt and scale them as needed to suit your needs. Real-time updates mean your security remains at high levels on an ongoing basis.

Maintain a Competitive Edge

Do you remember the days when it took weeks or months to bring a new system into place? It was difficult staying ahead of the competition when you had to plan months or even years in advance. Technology changes weekly, or even hourly in some cases.

If innovation is a key to your success, it’s critical that you optimize your services as quickly and easily as you can. By leveraging hybrid cloud systems, you can add, change and morph your current system purely on a need basis.

Of course, you cannot do all this without a plan. Security is still a major concern. Silver Linings Technology will help you design the right system for your needs and ensure it’s maintained as things evolve.

Let us know how we can help you make any transitions your business might need at this moment. Our business model, coupled with a full cloud and remote work capability has ensured that even amidst these testing times, we will be able to provide you with consistent service.

For IT Strategy, Cloud Conversion or Help Desk Services, reach out to us at Silver Linings Technology 360-450-4759 or