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dinCloud helps organizations rapidly migrate their existing IT Infrastructure – including desktop, server,
storage, application, security, and networking resources – to a virtual private data center.




In the modern era of Information and Technology, the developed businesses which were dependents on PCs (desktops) and Laptops are switching over to Cloud workspaces. dinCloud has emerged as an enormous revolution in IT by providing Hosted Workspaces that let you deliver your resources effortlessly from various platforms like Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Android etc.


Hosted Virtual Desktop

dinWorkspace is a hosted virtual desktop – a traditional PC hosted in the cloud that enables you to access your digital workspace from multiple devices at any time. Expect faster virtual machine performance from the #1 brand in hosted workspaces.


Secure Workspace

dinDaaS is dinCloud’s latest generation Desktop as a Service (Daas) with built-in remote access functionality. Powered by HTML5, dinDaaS is a virtual desktop that enables the user to utilize a Google Chrome web browser extension/application to run on multiple devices (laptops, tablets, phones) and operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows).


Shared Virtual Terminal

dinRDS is dinCloud’s Remote Desktop Services, which enable users to access session based desktops from the cloud. You can deploy multi-purpose desktops to a pool of users without assigning a virtual desktop to each person.


App Virtualization

dinApp App Virtualizationenables you to publish your multiple applications through a simple, turn-key cloud solution. dinApp runs in the cloud, and can be streamed anytime, anywhere, on any physical or virtual machine.

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With the workforce’s growing trend towards a mobility, businesses are looking to a cloud infrastructure as a solution to the rising demand for ease of use and convenience. Cloud infrastructure enables users to create their own IT infrastructure, and configure it to their preferences. dinCloud’s cloud infrastructure includes virtual private servers, database as a service, cloud backup, and DNS Security.



Private Virtual Servers

dinServer is dinCloud’s hosted virtual server offering. This solution was designed for improved performance, security and efficiency plus BC/DR functionality.


Database as a Service

dinSQL dinCloud delivers a platform for your business to host SQL databases in the cloud, either as a primary site or as backup in a BC/DR scenario.


Cloud Backup​

dinBackup provides continuous data protection to workspaces. This includes VM level backups and restore capabilities, as well as an enterprise class policy based backup solution. Backup data as long as needed based on requirements.


DNS Security

dinDNS With dinDNS, you can manage your organization’s domains from one portal and assign full FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Names) to your web, application and network servers.

dinCloud Company

dinCloud is a leading Cloud Service Provider (CSP) that has seen the cloud and tech industry evolve over the years. We have a rich experience of setting up, maintaining and securing cloud environments.


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