Backup Services Overview

Continuous data protection is a good practice for any organization to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery. We offer a powerful software to perform backups and snapshots with control over how frequently these are done. Customers control this or work with their partners. dinCloud provides the software and infrastructure within the customer’s hosted private cloud environment.

What is dinBackup from dinCloud?

dinBackup from dinCloud provides data protection benefits to workspaces. This includes enterprise class policy based backup solution with file and VM level backups and restore capabilities. With dinCloud, you can also backup the data for as long as needed based on your requirements.

dinBackup was built with security at the core of its infrastructure. Inherent in its design is the ability to protect against loss of data in many scenarios including when affected by ransomware.

Comparing dinBackup to Windows Backup Server

Block level BackupDifferential backups
Requires windows feature to be enabledNo restart needed before backup
Only windows server platformManaged through windows MMC
No alerting and ReportingVM, volume and file level restore
No built-in support for compression & encryptiondoes not require dedicated backup server
Backup disks can be attached to each VM* Central backup through file server/shared folders
Replication workaround possible through DFS (distributed file server)Limited scheduling options (min 30 mins interval)
no options for data retentionwindows default logging
no multi-tenancy supportVSS aware snapshots
License included in Windows OS

How it Works

Whether you want to back up data on a daily or weekly basis, or have your backups last for a certain number of days, you can customize your backup schedules according to your needs.

By leveraging continuous data technology, your server data will be backed up at the block level, which is considered a better alternative with multiple benefits over traditional backup technology. Block level backup reduced the backup windows, and shortens the disks and network I/O. This enables users to incur no performance penalty when they perform backups at 15 minute intervals.

Block level backups skip the file system and immediately begin reading the data from the Disk or Volume. Because of this capability, you are able to run quick, performance heavy backups despite the volume of files you need to backup. Another advantage of having block level support is that it allows you to get the most of your storage space and resources, due to its built in support for open file backup and snapshot features.


Leveraging dinBackup as your backup solution can help you increase security, ensure business continuity/disaster relief capabilities, streamline operations, improve efficiency, and gain more flexibility into your infrastructure.

Proactive Defence Against Threats – dinCloud

Site-to-Site Replication

With Site to Site Replication, you will be able to replicate backup data securely across Server Backup Manager Servers on public networks. Use the replicated Disk Safes to directly restore protected servers, even when the primary SBM server is unavailable.

Data Retention Policies

dinBackup helps you save your data for regulatory purposes or for peace of mind. Our self-service management console gives you complete control over the settings. You can define automatic policies to merge recovery points and recycle storage.

Verification Process

Backing up data is important and critical for users and organizations. With a built-in verification process, you’ll have added integrity assurance through block-level verification of stored data against its source.


Protect your data at rest and in transit through industry standard AES-256 encryption.

Complete Control

With dinBackup, you get a dedicated backup manager console, complete with dashboard, reporting, and complete control over your backup process and policies.
Complete Control – dinBackup – dinCloud

You can also segregate access at the department level. Share capacity but separate visibility, backups, and restore capabilities by department or division.


Incremental backups are done at the block level, not file level – enabling you to schedule server backups as frequently as every 15 minutes.


Supports multiple platforms:

  • Physical / Virtual / Windows / Linux
  • MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Exchange support
  • RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, SuSe including most custom Linux kernels
  • VMware, Hyper-V, Citrix Xen, XenSource, Virtuozzo and KVM

Reporting and Visibility

Have access to information and run detailed reports, at the company level, by division or department.

Why dinCloud

When searching for server backup software, server administrators and organizations can face many challenges, such as the rapid growth of data, shrinking backup windows and budgets, and multi-platform environments. Our server backup manager helps overcome these challenges by providing fast, affordable disk-based server backup software for diverse environments. It provides great value for organizations that have short backup windows and the need to scale backups across many servers on a budget. In environments where file system-based backups fail, Server Backup Manager can provide critical, reliable backups.

dinBackup leverages a flexible, server-friendly solution that eliminates the pains of running traditional backups. The Continuous Data Protection technology enables users to run backups as frequently as every 15 minutes, keeping server performance on track.

Using the Continuous Data Protection technology, server data is backed up at the block level, bypassing the file system and reading data directly from the disk or volume. Block-level backup provides considerable advantages over traditional backup technologies, including shortened backup windows and a drastic reduction in disk and network I/O, allowing users to perform backups as often as every 15 minutes without the typical performance penalty.

What’s Included

  • Backup Manager Server
  • Backup Agents for each VM (virtual machine)
  • Backup Storage space

The backup Manager runs the software and sits inside the hosted private cloud.

The agents are installed with each virtual machine (VM) you plan to backup.

Storage space is allocated based on your needs of frequency and number of copies.

The service works for both Linux and Windows servers and using advanced technology to optimize storage, allowing users to keep recovery points longer while saving space over existing full or incremental backups.

This block-level Continuous Data Protection technology vastly reduces backup windows from hours to minutes. These capabilities ensure unique disk blocks are stored only one time, even across thousands of recovery points.

dinCloud IaaS Platform Comparison

Converged Infrastructure

Web-Scale Design

Architectural – dinCloudArchitectural DesignHigh density servers supported by central storageHigh density servers with local storage for performance
SS Drive – dinCloudSSDsNo SSDsIntel high speed SSDs
Data Protection – dinCloudData ProtectionAutomated daily snapshotsOptional Windows Server Backup or dinBackup service
Encryption – dinCloudEncryptionDoes not support encryptionEncrypted drives (in transit and at rest)
Storage Capabilities – dinCloudStorage capabilitiesRedundant NetApp Filers for storageRedundancy at RAID level along with standby local spares
Storage Capacity – dinCloudStorage CapacityLarge Storage PoolsDefined storage per server
High Availability – dinCloudHigh Availability (HA)Comes with High Availability for VMsHigh Availability (HA) is not available for VMs at hypervisor level. HA can be set at application level.
IOPS – dinCloudIOPSModerate to High IOPSVery High IOPS
Latency – dinCloudLatencyLow latency access to storageLower/minimum latency access to storage