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Clarksville, TN – Nov 19, 2020 – dinCloud, a leader in Virtual Workspaces and Cloud Services is pleased to announce the revamp of its cloud orchestration and management portal, dinManage. This marks the achievement of yet another milestone in dinCloud’s commitment to constant innovation in cloud computing technologies and a step forward in enhancing UI/UX (User Interface and user experience). New dinManage can be accessed using the URL

As a premier Cloud Service Provider, dinCloud has always given great importance to User Experience (UX). We also strongly believe in giving maximum visibility to our valued users into their cloud deployments.

With this very goal in mind, we designed a highly intuitive and user friendly Cloud Management Portal called dinManage. This web based portal enables our cloud users to manage all aspects of their cloud environments from a single User Interface (UI).

Moreover, Ever since its introduction, dinCloud’s expert developers have been making incremental improvements in dinManage. These enhancements covered both the technical aspects as well as elements related to the User Interface (UI).

Lately, it was felt that we need to undertake a complete overhaul of dinManage. This task was undertaken to bring dinManage at par with the best cloud providers globally. Today, we are pleased to achieve a total revamp of our cloud orchestration portal, dinManage.

We have transformed the entire Graphical User Interface (GUI) of dinManage, with the primary focus on User Experience (UX). The home screen of dinManage now allows you to have a glimpse of your entire cloud environment and its core elements.

As the product range of dinCloud kept increasing over the years, it was felt to consolidate all our cloud services within dinManage. In this way, our valued cloud users will be able to manage Virtual Desktops, Virtual Servers and Virtual Databases, all through dinManage from a single pane of window without having to go anywhere else or jumping over to any other page.

In the revamp of dinManage, our developers paid special attention to elements that directly impacted its performance. You would be glad to know we have standardized the entire code that manages the complex back-end processes initiated via dinManage.

As we strive for perfection, our developers went a step further and started work on optimizing the code. With the successful optimization of dinManage code, we were able to drastically reduce lag times when executing tasks and processes over this portal.

Security is a core consideration at dinCloud and our dinManage portal is no exception. As you can control nearly all aspects of your cloud deployment via dinManage, we have successfully implemented Two Factor Authentication (2FA) prior to login.

A key aspect of end user experience is the responsiveness of deign. We are pleased to announce that now, dinManage has a fully responsive design. You can seamlessly avail all features of dinManage over your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

This complete transformation of dinManage has given dinCloud a unique competitive edge in the global Cloud market. With a revamped dinManage portal, we are now able to deliver more value, satisfaction and functionality to our valuable cloud users.

About dinCloud

dinCloud offers digital transformation services to organizations through its cloud platform. Each customer’s hosted private cloud offers Hosted Workspaces and Cloud Infrastructure that the customer controls. Services are available through dinCloud’s network of Value Added Resellers (VARs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Organizations interested in business process outsourcing (BPO) can leverage Premier BPO to extend services from IT to other back office and front office functions as well.

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