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dinPharma Increases Flexibility While Meeting Compliance Regulations

LOS ANGELES, CA – February 3, 2016dinCloud, a cloud services provider to the life sciences industry, today announced dinPharma, a solutions set of cloud-based services specially developed for the pharmaceutical industry, including pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies.

Due to its regulatory environment, storing and sharing of sensitive information has become a difficult and tedious process for the pharmaceutical industry. dinPharma was designed to provide pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies with a centralized way to access their sensitive data from anywhere, at any time, all while meeting compliance and security regulations including HIPAA, PCI, FDA GxP, and the phRMA code.

To help alleviate these pain points, the dinPharma solutions set includes:

  • dinHVDHosted Virtual Desktops (HVDs) allow users to login from a laptop, desktop, iPad, or Android device, gaining access to their same workspace data (reports, analytics, research, etc.) regardless of device.
  • dinServer – Hosted virtual servers give user’s full visibility into their pharmaceutical infrastructure. Users have their own private virtual private data center including firewall, network, and storage.
  • dinApp – This application virtualization platform allows pharmaceuticals and pharmacies to run Line of Business (LOB) applications that require multiple instances or versions, such as Internet Explorer.
  • dinSQL – dinCloud’s Hosted SQL Server offering enables hosting of SQL Server databases in the cloud via a virtual private data center, as a primary site or a backup in a business continuity/disaster recovery scenario. Pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies can store confidential data, such as customer information, prescription or credit card details, and more in the cloud. Supports Microsoft SQL Server 2014, 2012, 2008, and 2005 (which ceases extended support in April).

In a Technology Vision on Life Sciences, research firm Accenture stated, “Cloud computing has gone from an intriguing idea to a core capability so quickly that leading Life Sciences companies are approaching new systems architectures with a ‘cloud first’ mentality. They have found that the scalability, flexibility and responsiveness of cloud computing make it a compelling choice as they move into new markets or launch new products and services.”

“Pharmaceutical companies have a lot of sensitive information to store and protect. That, combined with the need to streamline processes and reduce costs, has led many to implement a secure and effective cloud-based Enterprise Quality Management (EQM) strategy,” said Mike Chase, CTO, dinCloud. “dinCloud helps pharmaceutical companies achieve efficiency by storing, computing, and sharing data within our cloud, giving employees better accessibility to data across multiple levels throughout the company and geographical locations. Additionally, increased scalability in their IT infrastructure means pharmaceutical companies can easily spin their virtual resources up or down, to accommodate temporary staff, or fluctuating resource demands, and in accordance with business requirements.”

Cloud Services for Pharmacies
Within the pharmaceutical industry, there is also a salient use case for pharmacy retailers. Like its pharmaceutical counterparts, pharmacies are increasingly adopting cloud-based solutions. In a customer-facing industry like pharmacy retail, cloud solutions can help guarantee business continuity and negate downtime. Cloud-based solutions can also help pharmacy retailers unify data so that patient records are available across retail locations. dinCloud recognizes this use case and potential value of cloud within the pharmacy retail industry. With its cloud services for pharmacies, dinCloud meets the need for cloud-based solutions that address the level of security needed to protect sensitive pharmacy/patient data.

Pharmaceutical Customer Success
When issues with its former app virtualization solution (Citrix’s XenApp) persisted, DermaTran, a national group of compounding pharmacies, evaluated alternatives, ultimately migrating to dinApp, dinCloud’s cloud-based application publishing service.

“User security and application access control is one of my favorite features of dinApp. I can create security groups in active directory for each application, place all appropriate users within each group, and use those to ensure that access to each application is only available to the appropriate people – a PCI and HIPAA requirement,” said Jesse Davis, network administrator at DermaTran Health Solutions. “The depth of the configuration to ensure that access is restricted properly truly hinges upon the organization of Active Directory, however, dinApp has the capacity to use other means to achieve the same security levels.”

Pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies using dinPharma can realize benefits including cost savings, scalability, security, disaster recovery, flexibility and availability. The solutions are especially valuable to companies with more than one location since all information is centralized.

To learn more about dinCloud’s dinPharma cloud solutions, visit:

About dinCloud:
dinCloud is a cloud services provider that helps organizations rapidly migrate to the cloud, provided via its strong channel base of VARs and MSPs. Each customer’s dedicated private virtual data center provides hosted virtual desktops, hosted virtual servers, and cloud storage services, which are controlled by the customer through dinManage, dinCloud’s web-based management tool. dinCloud provides subscription-based services tailored to fit a range of business models resulting in reduced cost, enhanced security, control, and productivity. Visit,, or follow @dinCloud on Twitter.

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