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Focused Strategy Will Bring New Capabilities and Significant Product Enhancements to the Channel and Customers

LOS ANGELES, CA – November 26, 2013 – dinCloud, a cloud services provider that offers business provisioning, today announced it is expanding on its core brand identity as a hosted virtual desktop (HVD) provider. dinCloud will make more significant investments in R&D, including the addition of several new engineers to its roster in 2014. The revamped strategy will offer new product offerings and capabilities to the channel, enabling significant savings, and providing a smarter alternative to on-premises infrastructure for customers of all sizes.

Not Just Hosted Virtual Desktops

Since 2011, dinCloud, with the help of its strong channel base, has been helping customers rapidly and successfully migrate their IT infrastructure to the cloud, resulting in reduced cost, enhanced security, control, and productivity. To date, dinCloud has already progressed beyond offering hosted virtual desktops, having added hosted serverstorage, networking and several application in the cloud offerings. Today, dinCloud provides disaster recovery capabilities to maximize uptime and minimize cost while protecting businesses; archiving, to meet industry compliance regulations and savings on mass storage. These storage and backup solutions provide data protection to companies of all sizes with flexible pricing options.

With a focus on R&D over the next several months, dinCloud will launch several new products around dinDaaS/HTML5 virtual desktops, cloud storage, and public/private connectivity with MPLS/VPN networks. These offerings will help more accurately reflect dinCloud’s growing position as a leader in the cloud services space.

“The robust infrastructure we built years ago to provide a true Windows desktop replacement in the cloud included things like 40 gigabit networking and SSD storage, but now moves beyond that. Our newest virtual desktop, dinDaaS, is a true plug and play, powered by HTML5 in Google’s Chrome browser as a web application extension – no client software to worry about on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, or Chromebook endpoints,” said Mike Chase, EVP & CTO, dinCloud. “As we move into 2014, we’ll continue to focus on our user experiences across all these new products to ensure we continue delivering a heavenly experience in the cloud.”

Additionally, dinCloud has revamped its website (, which now includes a “shop now” feature where customers can purchase hosted virtual desktops, Windows or Linux servers, and a variety of stand-alone applications that are hosted at dinCloud online at . The company also has a new logo and overall theme on “What’s Your Cloud Story”, and plans to showcase the innovation of its customers and power of its infrastructure through customer success stories. dinCloud hopes this will encourage other small to midsized businesses to look to the cloud to improve their own business processes, increase productivity, and enjoy cost savings that were previously only available to large companies.

About dinCloud: dinCloud is a cloud transformation company that helps, both commercial and public sector organizations rapidly migrate to the cloud through Business Provisioning provided via its strong channel base of VARs and MSPs. Each customer’s dedicated private virtual data center provides hosted virtual desktopshosted virtual servers, and cloud storage services, which are controlled by the customer through dinCloud’s dinManage web-based management tool. dinCloud provides subscription-based services tailored to fit a range of business models resulting in reduced cost, enhanced security, control, and productivity. Visit, or follow @dinCloud on Twitter.

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