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Just after a year of the official launch of “Data Transfer Project”, Apple also joined hands to enable data portability among cloud based service providers easier. Now with this collaboration Apple iCloud users can also move data in and out of Apple iCloud.

Apple Joins Data Transfer Project For Icloud Easier Data Transfer

The hectic routine of downloading the data is gone, and you can just transfer the data from service to service. No need of going through changing your online service, as most of the users don’t change their OS from iPhone to Android just because of the photos, associated data, contacts and much more. The trouble saver is here!

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What is Data Transfer Project?

Data Transfer Project is an Open source Project launched in 2018 by the Tech Giants like, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and Google, to develop a service-to-service data portability platform and allow the people to move their data easily to and from the online service provider.

It is an Open source data transfer project, through which, transferring Photos from Facebook to Google Photos is as easy as a piece of cake.

Purpose of Data Transfer Project?

The basic purpose of the project is to make the data formats of one service compatible with the other service provider where you can now, for example, now, you can move your iCloud photos to Google photos.

So far, a lot of back-end progress on the project has been made by 18 contributors and multiple partners. Open Source Community has added more than 4,200 lines of codes and changed more than 1,500 files, and integrated new API’s like Deezer, Mostodon and Solid.


However, it is still in process, but the idea of data portability at this level is just a dream come true feature for the tech enthusiasts.

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