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A friend asked me an interesting question the other day: Is a Hosted Virtual Desktop the same as iCloud? Well the short answer is: not quite.

While both iCloud and dinHVD (dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Desktop) let you keep a copy of your information in their respective clouds, there are some key differences.

dinHVD, for example, totally separates hardware from the “desktop.” In other words, it allows your Windows 7 operating system, applications, wallpaper, music, data, files, and more to be accessible from any computer or device, anywhere on the planet.

Imagine this: you’re visiting your cousin in Minneapolis and you realize you forgot your iPad. Well you don’t have to worry because you can log on to dinHVD using your cousin’s iPad and immediately have access to your photos and pictures, similar as you would with iCloud. But what distinguishes HVD is that it allows your borrowed device to look the exact same way you would see it if you were logging on at home.

Another illustration has to do with applications. How many times have you wished your favorite game on your iPhone was accessible on another iPhone or iPad with all your saved preferences, the same levels you’ve conquered, and the same credits you’ve earned? Well wish no more because that is another perk of HVD.

Ultimately, while HVD and iCloud share similarities, dinHVD takes the cake when it comes to liberating customers from their device – something most people never thought possible!

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