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DaaS or Virtual Desktops (VD) are a highly flexible and versatile Cloud Based Solution. The foremost advantage of a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is data centrality. All the business critical data and productivity applications reside on a central data center of the Cloud Service Provider (CSP).

The other key advantage of a DaaS solution is its inherent versatility. A user can access the Virtual Desktop from multiple device platforms such as smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. This flexibility is further amplified by multiple operating system support. The device used to login a Virtual Desktop may run on Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS or Android.

Scalability is another key advantage of DaaS solutions. An entity can add or reduce the number of deployed Virtual Desktops Virtually in real-time. Apart from agile scalability, the associated costs are also of revenue nature. DaaS Solution Providers bill their clients on a “Pay as You Use” model.

As DaaS solutions work on the principle of data centrality, it is much more feasible to secure data residing at a single point. Securing data on each individual machine is virtually impossible. DaaS providers have both the requisite expertise and the latest hardware to effectively secure business critical data from cyber threats.

A DaaS solution provides great immunity from the rapid rate of obsolescence in IT hardware. As all the hardware is solely procured, maintained and upgraded by the CSP, the solution tenant can stop worrying about its hardware and focus on core business areas.

The data centers of Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) are equipped with very powerful servers. As all the processing is carried over the CSP’s infrastructure, processor intensive tasks can be accomplished very efficiently. Secondly, a company can get away with relatively obsolete in house hardware and save capital expenditures.

However, there is a small factor that can severely impede the true potential of a DaaS solution and that is network inadequacy. All the interaction between a CSP’s DaaS infrastructure and the cloud tenant takes place over the internet. The cloud tenant’s in house network is also an important factor in performance.

In some DaaS deployments, it is observed that optimal performance cannot be extracted from the solution due to inadequacy of the intermediary network. This is not a major issue and can easily be resolved by employing a network with higher bandwidth and multiple Internet Service Providers (ISP).

In view of the above, we can safely conclude that the future of DaaS Cloud Computing Solutions is very promising. The inherent flexibility, versatility and cost effectiveness of DaaS solutions make them a very suitable fit for entities of all size and many different sectors.

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